'Disgusting': Customer outraged by treatment after KFC drive-thru stunt

A man is furious with KFC for not serving him after he tried to order from the drive-thru window.

Ian Bell, of Silloth in northern England, travels about 30km to work in Carlisle each day by horse-drawn carriage.

Recently he tried to pick up some KFC on the way home but when Mr Bell and his horse Jon Jon pulled up to the drive-thru window he was refused service.

Ian Bell is angry he couldn't order KFC from his horse-drawn cart at the drive-thru. Source: SWNS/ Mega Australia

Mr Bell told the BBC the manager stepped out and told him KFC couldn’t serve him.

"I felt humiliated. To me, it's downright disgusting the way we are treated at these kind of places,” he told the network.

He added he went to McDonald’s with Jon Jon and managed to get food.

Mr Bell wants an apology and an updated policy from KFC. He believes the fried chicken chain is discriminating against travellers.

But it seems like that’s not going to happen as KFC told the BBC while it’s sorry for Mr Bell’s experience it is concerned that allowing horses through will compromise safety.

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