'It was crunchy': Man's disgusting find inside fast food burger

A fast food customer has revealed his horror after he discovered an unwelcome addition tucked away inside his burger.

Najib Anek was visiting the restaurant chain Culver’s in Arizona, US, last week when he bit into his burger to find a fake fingernail lodged inside his meal. 

“It was crunchy man … I threw up three times ” he told ABC 7.

The customer couldn’t believe his eyes when he found a fake fingernail inside his burger. Source: ABC 7

Mr Anek immediately complained to the store’s manager who apologised for the incident and promised to look further into the incident.

According Mr Anek, CCTV footage from inside the restaurant’s kitchen shows a female employee preparing his burger without gloves.

Mr Anek says he threw up several times after the incident. Source: ABC 7

After the worker was found with a nail missing, she was placed on leave, the store’s manager told ABC15.

Mr Anek says the chain has since tried to resolve the issue with a free meal but the disgruntled customer has escalated the incident with the health department.

“It wasn’t a good experience for me. And I will never eat here no more,” he said.

The store’s manager told ABC15 the matter was now in the hands of the store’s insurer.