Could birthday luck increase your chance of a $503 million lotto win?

The Lottery Office has today announced the luckiest birthday month following an extensive review of player data.

As USA Power Lotto climbs to $503 million, Libras and Virgos are being urged to put their numbers in.

The data reviewed Australian winners of the overseas lotteries the Lottery Office buys tickets in, which included analysis of over two years worth of player data, revealed that people born in September have an edge when playing.

The statistics also revealed that September babies are 17 per cent more likely than average to achieve winnings of a minimum of $1,000 when they play.

Excited male and female rejoice in winning lottery. Source: Getty Images
USA Power Lotto draws have recently increased, now being drawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, giving Aussies even more chances to win. Source: Getty Images

The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood said the organisation is excited to see if this statistic will be repeated as the next numbers are drawn.

“We were fortunate enough to provide Australia’s largest lotto pay-out from a local online provider last month and we are keen for our September-born players to up the ante,” she said.

“With USA Power and Mega Lottos at $503 million and $462 million respectively, we are hoping to surpass our current winning record of $1,656,020 tenfold.”

Winning strategies revealed

Jaclyn Wood has also recommended a number of strategies for players to boost their odds.

“Statistically, the best way to increase your chances of winning a lottery prize is to buy more games but this can get expensive," Ms Wood said.

"Lotto Systems also allows players to choose more numbers and boost their chances.

“Players don’t have to win first division to walk away with a huge lottery prize, if they select the Multiplier feature their non-jackpot wins can be multiplied up to 10 times, making their division 2 and 3 prizes huge.”

Previous research into Australian lottery wins has also revealed that Paul and Emma are among the most common winners' names.

The figures 17 and 7 have previously been identified as "hot" numbers.

Winning tactics revealed

Jaclyn Wood has explained how it is possible for Australians to win overseas lotteries.

Ms Wood said when Australians purchase tickets in its lotteries, The Lottery Office purchases a matching ticket in the overseas draw.

“If the customer wins, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket,” she said.

Stack of lottery balls. Source: Getty Images
The USA Power Lotto draw has rolled over 25 times to $503 million for this Tuesday’s draw. Source: Getty Images

Explaining this further, The Lottery Office’s website states that the process is simple.

“Choose your lottery and game numbers, we purchase a matching ticket in the overseas lottery using the same numbers lodged in your own locally conducted lottery,” the website says.

If your numbers match the numbers from our draw, we pay you the same amount as we collect from the matched overseas ticket."

The Lottery Office donates a percentage of the cost of every ticket sold to Australian charities including Rural Aid, Act for Kids and DV Connect.

A full list of current lotteries and their jackpots is available on The Lottery Office website.

If gambling is a problem for you go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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