Confusion over mystery object found in WA

An odd shaped dish with a protruding cork screw has left a family puzzled over what its functional purpose is supposed to be.

A man in Fremantle, south of Perth in Western Australia, purchased the random object but was uncertain as to what it actually was.

His daughter took to Facebook to find out, sharing a photo to a local group and asking if anyone was familiar with the strange item.

The mysterious object left many puzzled over its use. Source: Facebook

“Hello, my dad's just bought some random thing and is wondering what it is, does anyone recognise this?,” she wrote to the social media group on Wednesday.

Several weighed in with suggestions on what the mysterious product could be.

One thought the purpose of the coil and tray beneath was to hold a pineapple, while someone else was confident it was a denture holder.

Another joked that it could be used to hold Bitcoins, an online cryptocurrency.

Some however were able to point out what the item’s true use was - an ashtray.

The tray was shaped in an obscure way and three metal legs. Source: Facebook

“It's an ashtray. Where you can pop your smoke down for a bit. I have the same one,” a Facebook user commented.

“It’s a 50’s boomerang ashtray ... it’s a beautiful item,” another agreed.

The woman who first posed the question said her dad would be “surprised” at the revelation, especially as someone had suggested it could be a 90’s replica.

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