‘Why people will crash’: Confusion about road rule U-turn question

Drivers are confused over a road rule question involving a U-turn and a stop sign.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads posed a question to drivers on Monday.

The department pictured an orange car preparing to do a U-turn. Across from it, at a stop sign, is a stationary blue car looking to turn right.

If they were both to go at the same time, they would collide.

“The driver of the blue car is stopped at the stop line and wants to turn right,” the department wrote.

“The driver of the orange car is doing a U-turn at the intersection. Who must give way?”

An orange car prepares to u-turn with a blue car looking to enter an intersection from a stop sign.
Who goes first in this scenario? Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland

People were divided over the answer.

Some readers suggested the blue car should have to wait as they are at the stop sign.

“Blue car will have to give way. As per law and safety,” one man wrote.

Another man wrote he had “no doubt” the blue car should be giving way.

However, these answers are actually wrong. The blue car should actually move before the orange car.

“You must give way to all vehicles and pedestrians when performing a U-turn,” the department wrote.

In this case, it includes cars at stop signs. It’s a question which has appeared before and caused similar confusion.

Again, some people found the rule to be somewhat problematic.

“This scenario is exactly why people will crash,” one woman wrote.

“No one knows that orange is doing a U-turn except you as the driver.

“And if I were in the blue car, I wouldn't risk a solid white line to save me from the orange car so I'd just give way anyway.”

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