'Struggling': Drivers puzzled over 'confusing' intersection question

A road rules question involving two cars at an intersection has left some drivers scratching their heads.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland posed the question to drivers online on Monday.

The blue car can be seen coming around a corner as an orange car wants to cut across the broken white line to another street.

“The orange car and the blue car are approaching a t-intersection. Who needs to give way and does the orange car need to indicate?” the department wrote.

An orange car is pictured wanting to cross across a broken white line into a street while a blue car turns a corner in front of it.
Which of these cars need to give way and does the orange car need to indicate? Source: TMR/Facebook

One man wrote the orange car has “right of way” and the blue car needs to stop, however this is incorrect.

“Blue gives way to orange and yes the orange car must indicate as they are leaving the carriage way to the right,” another man wrote before later admitting he had it wrong.

Others became fed up.

“It is not good to have this type of line marking for a t-intersection,” one man wrote.

One woman called the question ridiculous and suggested the road markings “don’t make sense”.

The correct answer, as the department later revealed, is that the orange car has to give way to the blue and must also indicate.

“It's always important to pay attention to the line markings on a road,” the department wrote.

“In this case they show that the blue car is following the continuing road, which curves to the right. The driver of the orange car is about to cross the line and needs to give way to any vehicles on the road that continue through the intersection.”

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