Seemingly simple intersection road rule confuses motorists

A road rules quiz posted by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Facebook page has confused motorists and started a heated debate online.

The image posted showed two vehicles at an intersection and asked people who they believed had right of way.

In the image both vehicles have stopped at the intersection with a truck facing a stop sign and a motorcycle facing a give way sign.

“You know your road rules and now’s your chance to prove it,” the department posted.

“The truck is facing a 'Stop' sign and the motorcycle is facing a 'Give Way' sign at the intersection. Who must give way?”

The quiz posted by Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
'You know your road rules and now’s your chance to prove it,' the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads posted. Source: Facebook/TMRQld

Some people believed that the truck should give way as it’s facing a stop sign and therefore should come to a complete stop, allowing the motorcycle to travel through the intersection.

“The truck must give way because the compulsory Stop sign has more traffic force than the give way sign on its own,” one user wrote.

”The bike should slow down and give way to ensure the truck will stop and then proceed once the truck has stopped and is out of gear,” another person said.

Another person argued it was all about timing.

“Depends on who is there first. If truck is there and stops then he/she has right of way,” someone said.

A stop sign and a give way sign
The QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads asked who had right of way when both these signs were in front of motorists. Source: Getty

One person suggested the truck had right of way as the signs cancel each other out.

“Even though the bike is facing a give way, the stop and give way hold equal weight in this scenario. Then the bike has to give way to vehicles on its right hand side. Meaning the truck has right of way,” a user said.

When the department posted the correct answer giving much needed relief to confused motorists.

“A stop sign is not more powerful than a give way sign. When two motorists arrive at stop or give way signs, the signs cancel each other out and the normal give way rules apply.”

“Under these rules, if a motorist is travelling straight ahead, they must give way to any vehicle approaching from the right. The motorcycle must give way to the truck because the truck is on their right,” the department posted.

Once the answer was clarified by the department a few people were still left confused.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads posted the answer to the quiz on Facebook.
The answer was revealed but still left some motorists confused. Source: Facebook/TMRQld

“Why would you make such a confusing road rule?” one person asked.

”No one can see anyone else’s signs so everyone is just going to wait,” another person said.

But one person was just happy to know the answer.

“I guess it pays to keep up with the road rules,” they said.

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