Coles shopper bucks the trend with $60 saving on meat haul: 'I'm in shock'

A pair of Coles customers have impressed other shoppers with their bargain hunting skills after saving over $60 on meat hauls.

One savvy shopper revealed that she scored seven meat products worth $90.66 for only $27.03 by grabbing marked-down meat at her local Coles supermarket.

"My mega markdown swoop this afternoon. Would normally have cost $90.66. I paid $27.03! Savings of $63.63!" wrote the shopper in a post to a popular Facebook group dedicated to bargain hunting.

Coles shopper's bargain meat haul
A Coles shopper revealed that she scored a grocery haul worth $90.66 for only $27.03 by swopping on marked down meat. Source: Facebook

The shopper explained that she went into Coles with only $50 for the week, so the markdown meat haul "was perfect".

Alongside the post, the customer shared a photo of the seven items, which consisted of a mini leg roast, roast chicken breast, two racks of ribs, steak and beef stir fry strips.

Coles shopping bag being carried by shopper exiting store
Shoppers were quick to applaud the Coles customer for her bargain meat haul. Source: Getty

"Each rack of ribs had a dozen on each and were quite big and the steaks are huge. I would guess and say I have enough for a fortnight!" she added.

'I'm in shock'

Shoppers were quick to applaud the customer for her savvy shopping abilities in the comments, with dozens claiming the woman's meat haul was "awesome" and "fantastic".

"My favourite kind of score is when you get a good mix of different types. This is excellent," wrote one shopper.

"You win the Markdown Prize this week," wrote a second.

A third shopper commented, "I'm in shock," and revealed that her own markdown purchase cost her $30 instead of $180.

Coles shopper saves almost $60 on 11-item meat haul

Meanwhile, a second shopper revealed that she saved a massive $58.26 on an 11-item meat haul at Coles.

"My turn for meat bargains - yay!" wrote the woman on Facebook, alongside several photos of the marked down meat.

The Ballarat woman's discount haul consisted of packs of chicken, mini chicken satay kebabs, chicken schnitzel and prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts at a discounted price of around 75 per cent each.

Coles shopper's 11-item bargain meat haul
Another Coles shopper shared that she saved a massive $58.26 on an 11-item meat haul. Source: Facebook

But, perhaps the best bargain in the shopper's haul was a pack of extra-trim lamb cutlets, which the woman scored for just $3.03 – a saving of $9.11.

The Coles shoppers' markdown posts come amid ongoing cost of living pressures, which have driven up the price of food by 4.3 per cent in the March quarter, compared to last year.

Why does Coles mark down products?

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that customers can purchase products at a heavily discounted price when it nears its best-before date to provide value and reduce wastage.

"We know our customers love good value so when a product is near its best before date we often mark it down so it can be enjoyed for a cheaper price, instead of being wasted," said the spokesperson.

"Markdowns do not uniformly take place at the same time across all stores. There are many things that can impact when this takes place including stock on hand, delivery schedules and team member rostering," they added.

The spokesperson also pointed out that "food safety is paramount" to Coles, which is why they encourage all customers to be mindful of use-by and best before dates.

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