Coles shopper scores $205 meat haul for just $22: 'What a steal!'

A Coles bargain hunter has shared the massive meat haul she bagged for only a fraction of the price at her local store.

The savvy shopper revealed how she scored $205 worth of meat from a Coles store in Melbourne for just $22, a massive saving of $183.

“What a STEAL! I am wrapped with my bargains today at Coles Brighton Village. Right place, right time for once. $205 for $22 [and] still loads left,” the chuffed shopper wrote in her post on popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia.

Discounted Coles meat products laid out on table.
The savvy Coles shopper revealed how she scored massive savings on a variety of meat products. Source: Facebook

The woman shared a photo alongside her post, which shows the 10-item meat haul she bought only hours before it expired and would subsequently be thrown away by the supermarket.

In the photo, you can see the woman purchased three packs of Australian lamb cutlets, which usually retail for $43 per kilogram, for below $4 each.

Additionally, the Coles shopper scored a pack of eye fillet steak for $1.84, roast beef for $1.73, two packs of extra lean mince for $1.05 each, oyster blade steak for $1.62 and more.

Unsurprisingly, fellow shoppers were impressed with the woman’s “epic haul” and quickly applauded her bargain-hunting skills in the comments.

Coles shopper leaves a supermarket with a plastic shopping bag.
Coles shoppers were impressed with the woman’s “epic haul” and quickly applauded her bargain-hunting skills. Source: Getty Images

“What a haul! Bet the freezer at home was happy and full,” one shopper said.

“I would almost kill for deals like that!” a second wrote.

While several shoppers pointed out that scoring lamb cutlets at a markdown price was the "best bargain ever".

“Wow, look at the lamb cutlets. I haven't bought them for years,” one person confessed.

“OMG, getting cutlets is the biggest score ever!” another customer wrote.

Coles shoppers confused by 'epic meat haul' amid Covid limits

Meanwhile, one shopper pointed out she was astounded the woman was allowed to buy all that meat amid product limits in Coles stores due to Covid-19 shortages.

“I can't believe they let you buy all that. Our local supermarkets have limits on how much meat you can buy,” she wrote.

The bargain shopper responded, saying her haul was only “one-sixteenth of what was reduced” and explained none of the items were included in the list of restricted meat items in Coles.

Cols shoppers near empty supermarket shelves.
Coles customers previously shared startling images of bare supermarket shelves amid shortages of products including meat. Source: Facebook

When asked by another shopper when the best time to find bargains was, she replied it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

“Honesty I don’t know,” she said. “I have never been so fortunate. This was literally being at the right place, at the right time situation.”

The chuffed customer then likened her meat haul to "winning a meat tray at the local club".

Savvy Coles customer saves massive $288.03 on groceries

It seems Coles customers are having a lucky streak this week when it comes to scoring deals, with another shopper revealing she bought $365.35 worth of groceries for $77.32.

The excited shopper, who purchased the items from Coles Warrnambool on the south-western coast of Victoria, shared her supermarket spoils on Facebook, which included 14 meat products, 11 vegetables and seven dairy items.

“Today's bargains in my shopping. $365.35 worth for $77.32 – saved $288.03,” the shopper wrote.

A variety of discounted Coles meat products laid out on a bench.
A Victorian Coles shopper revealed she bought $365.35 worth of groceries for only $77.32 at her local store. Source: Facebook

She also shared a breakdown of the savings per category for fellow shoppers:

  • Meat: $183.65 worth for $48.05 – saved $135.60

  • Veg: $66.50 worth for $8.85 – saved $57.65

  • Other: $115.20 worth for $20.42 – saved $94.78

Coles shoppers flocked to the comments where they congratulated the woman on her “great score”, saying it was “awesome”.

The clever shopper also shared a widely-unknown Coles chicken policy that allows people to get free roast chickens.

“If you go to Coles before 8pm and they have no Coles RSPCA hot chooks, you ask the deli for a chicken voucher and they give you a free chicken voucher for next time,” she instructed.

“Has a week to be used. Check the chicken warmer to see if your store does it, there is usually a sign attached to the warmer!” she added.

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