Coles shoppers rage over 'nightmare' basket change

The new Coles baskets have copped criticism for being difficult to use.

A Coles store at night with an inset of a Coles basket with groceries inside.
The single-handled Coles baskets are copping criticism for being difficult to carry. Source: Getty and TikTok

A basket's worth of items can be pricey at the supermarket as the cost of living continues to bite, but many shoppers are raging well before they get to the checkout thanks to a new addition in stores. Coles and Woolworths introduced new similar environmentally-friendly baskets last year and a key feature in both is their single handle, with the previous ones being double-handled.

The baskets have copped criticism from customers, who complain they are difficult to use and move around the store with. "They are so thick and clunky," Coles shopper Elsie Stuart told Yahoo News.

"It's impossible to balance them and I have small wrists so not having two [handles] to balance the weight makes them a nightmare."

The Newcastle woman joked she has "enough s**t going on right now" without needing to wrestle with a supermarket basket and now has given up on them, saying she will simply use a small trolley or "try and carry everything" rather than use them.

The old Coles baskets with two handles (left) and the new one with one singular black handle (right).
Coles changed the baskets last year in a bid to make them more environmentally friendly. Source: Reddit and TikTok

After the shopper shared her thoughts online, the criticism of the baskets continued as others chimed in with their gripes. "I'm confused how to hold them," one person said, calling the new design "awkward", while another simply said they hate them with a "burning passion".

Someone else suggested the "annoying" design change may have been intentional, forcing shoppers to ditch them for a trolley in the hope they will buy more groceries because there is a larger capacity to carry items.

It's not only shoppers who are displeased with the baskets, as some Coles workers admit they don't like them either. "Coles worker here and we hate them too! I suggested we go back to the old ones because these suck," one revealed.

The new baskets are made of 100 per cent recycled plastic, with each one the equivalent of 18 two-litre milk bottles. They are a step forward in the supermarket's Together to Zero waste plans.

"These baskets are an example of our commitment to sustainability and proof we are committed to working with industry partners to find sustainable solutions and move towards a circular economy," a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News.

"The baskets have undergone rigorous testing and have been largely well received, with some customers describing them as a stronger and more durable option."

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