Coles online delivery 'fail' leaves shopper in stitches: 'Who in their right mind'

Coles shopper Samantha, from the Gold Coast, said she was stunned to find a single green bean in her delivery despite ordering 250 grams worth.

A Coles delivery truck on grass under a blue sky (left) and Samantha holds up a single green bean to the camera that she received in her Coles online delivery.
The Coles shopper was stunned to find only one green bean in her online delivery after ordering 250 grams worth. Source: Facebook and TikTok

More than half of Aussies are ordering their groceries online as shoppers continue to ditch the aisles and checkout queues for the convenience of home delivery. Yet there are downsides to having someone else pick your produce — as many have learnt.

One Gold Coast resident found out the hard way over the weekend after she unpacked a mind-boggling item from her delivery. Mum-of-two Samantha, from the Gold Coast, said she ordered and bought 250 grams of green beens from Coles, but was shocked to discover a single green bean in a clear produce bag had instead plonked in her bag.

"We got one, just one bean," she said while laughing in a video posted to social media. "Who packed this? Who in their right mind buys one bean?"

An to top it off, the single bean cost her a whopping $1.65 — the ridiculousness of which she also found hilarious. Samantha later videoed herself eating the legume, which took her mere seconds to finish. Other Aussies detailed their own similar situations on Samantha's TikTok, with one person claiming they received a mushroom for $3.50.

The issue of shoppers not getting the correct quantity of fresh produce and items in their Coles online orders has been previously flagged by Yahoo. With customers ordering and paying for a specific amount of items, receiving less than this often leaves customers feeling disgruntled about the service.

However, one shopper claims to have turned this issue to his advantage after he was consistently missing his favourite brand of frozen potatoes in his order.

The Brisbane man points at the screen showing he ordered five but only received one.
Brisbane shopper Stephen Pearson now expects his online order to arrive with the wrong quantity of his favourite branded frozen potatoes. Source: TikTok

Brisbane man Stephen Pearson now fully expects his requested bundle of five Birds Eye potatoes not to be honoured, and will simply order the potatoes online during every shop to tip it over the $50 minimum spend to benefit from free delivery. Once his order arrives without the right quantity of potatoes, he claims a refund — getting his groceries delivered at no extra charge.

Yahoo News understands there were no other complaints about green been orders in Queensland over the weekend, meaning Samantha's incorrect delivery was down to human error.

"In this case, we can understand why the customer was disappointed as it's hard to imagine anyone only ordering a single bean! While we hope this customer didn't go hungry on her vegetables that day, we are glad to see she has a good sense of humour about what appears to be a human error on this isolated incident," a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News.

"Coles online fulfils hundreds of thousands of orders weekly and while we do our best to satisfy every customer 100 per cent of the time, that isn't always possible. Sometimes things don't go to plan at an operational or supplier level and sometimes it's as simple as a human error."

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