Shopper slams Coles over 'sad, thin' pack of donuts: 'The audacity'

The Coles customer said the doughnuts were not worth the $3.80 price tag

It appears no sweet treat is exempt from unfavourable changes at the supermarket, with glazed donuts the latest snack in the firing line at Coles.

A shopper expressed their disapproval on Tuesday after spotting a pack of six "skinny" donuts packaged and placed on a shelf in the bakery section. "I was considering getting some doughnuts today but changed my mind after seeing these sad, thin dough-rings," the shopper wrote online.

The Coles shopper's photo of the donuts in clear packaging on the shelf on Tuesday.
A Coles shopper has slammed the size of a package of glazed donuts at their local store. Source: Reddit

They also shared a photo of the donuts from Coles' website, noting the stark difference in their appearance. The shopper slammed the "audacity" of the donuts and deemed them not worth the $3.80 price tag.

It is unknown whether the store's baker was just having an off day, or if there has been a change to the recipe but Coles declined to comment on the matter when Yahoo News reached out for further information.

Aussies unimpressed by small Coles donuts

Shoppers were left to speculate why the bakery staple looked different, with many online instantly accusing the supermarket of prioritising profit over their customers.

The front of a Coles store as customers walk past.
Coles declined to comment on the donuts when approached by Yahoo. Source: AAP

"I can't even imagine how marginal the savings on this would be," one said, believing the change was made to stretch ingredients among multiple donut packs.

However, some suggested a baker who was "having a bad day at work" was responsible.

"Looks like it's someone's first day in the bakery department making donuts to me," one person wrote, while a former Coles donut marker said, "These are the result of not having enough fat in the fryer. This is worker incompetence."

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