Disgruntled shopper sabotages Woolworths and Coles signs: 'The price gouge people'

'When you inevitably get a fine for this, please put up a GoFundMe, I will donate'

Whether you shop at Coles or Woolies, there's no denying the supermarket giants have both increased prices significantly in recent years while continuing to make billion-dollar profits.

Though frustrating, there's little Aussies can do other than turn elsewhere for groceries, as higher prices continue to make life difficult for millions.

One disgruntled Sydney man, seemingly fed-up with the retailers, decided to take matters into his own hands. And while his act won't be delivering him any cheaper groceries — far from it if the apparent vandalism attracts a fine — it has made him quite popular online.

Video goes viral

In a video posted to YouTube to the tune 'We're not going to take it', the man seen wearing a high-vis vest screen prints the words "The price gouge people" beneath a Woolworths logo at a Bondi store. The play on words pokes fun at the supermarket's long-time slogan, "The fresh food people".

A man is seen vandalising a Woolworths storefront with the words 'The Price Gouge People'.
A video was released showing a man screen print the words 'The Price Gouge People' below a Woolworths logo. Source: YouTube.

Outside a Coles store, the man is seen revealing a similar message beneath the supermarket's infamous red logo. "Down, down, morality down," the second message reads, referring to Coles' "down, down, prices are down" jingle. It's not immediately known which Coles supermarket is featured.

Woolworths and Coles react to vandalism of logos

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Woolworths confirmed the video was taken last Friday, August 25, with the signage having since been removed. The retailer said it's committed to assisting families through the cost of living crisis.

"We're acutely aware of the pressure that's being placed on Australian families through cost of living increases, whether they are our customers or our team members," a spokesperson told Yahoo.

"And we're doing more everyday to help customers spend less with us."

A man is seen vandalising a Coles storefront.
The man's act has attracted praise online. Source: YouTube.

A spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo: "We know cost-of-living pressures are front-of-mind for our customers and are always looking for ways to help their dollars stretch further. This week, Coles announced it will bring down the price of more than 500 products for at least three months.

"We value feedback from our customers, and encourage them to let us know about their shopping experience through our normal feedback channel – Tell Coles – or through our dedicated customer care team."

Cheeky vandal wins over Aussies: 'Legends'

On social media, Aussies were slightly more vocal than the supermarkets.

"When you inevitably get a fine for this, please put up a GoFundMe on Reddit and I will donate to cover part of the cost. Thanks for doing something more people should be doing!" a person said.

"I love how you can hold some tools and wear high-vis and nobody blinks and eye in this country," said another. "Absolutely love this. Let me know how I can donate to your cause," another said.

"Legends, I said to my partner today we need to not shop at Woolies for the small stuff anymore, the prices are f***king ridiculous," a person wrote.

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