Coles customers fume over MasterChef cookware 'dangers'

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Coles has again come under fire as customers continue to report issues with their MasterChef cookware.

Following a slew of complaints regarding the MasterChef range’s quality and safety, a new issue has been brought to the retailer’s attention.

Posting to Coles’ official Facebook page, a Brisbane woman claimed that a defect with her MasterChef casserole pot posed a choking hazard.

“It’s not just the MasterChef frypans that are dangerous,” she wrote in reference to previous burn complaints.

“The casserole pot lid is so dangerous. The steam plug falls through the lid and breaks into two parts."

Casserole lid with detached steam plug. Source: Facebook
The customer was concerned of the implications of this fault. Source: Facebook

The woman added that the steam plug posed a risk if accidentally cooked into food.

“It falls in and if you don’t notice it could choke a child or elderly person,” she said.

In response to the woman’s post, a Coles representative left a comment.

“We’re concerned to see this and we’d like some more details from you to follow up further,” they said.

The representative urged the woman to send a private message with information on the casserole pot’s batch code.

A spokesperson from Coles has told Yahoo News that customers can find instructions on the MasterChef cookware range on their website.

“We have contacted the customer and will be investigating the matter with our supplier,” the spokesperson added.

‘Third degree burns’: MasterChef cookware slammed

Following reports of faulty cookware, Coles customers have rated the MasterChef Gourmet cookware range 1.4 stars on

Out of 40 reviews listed on the webpage, 24 have reported that their frypan handles have overheated.

“Handle becomes untouchable because of the heat, I got third degree burns,” said one customer.

“My elderly father has thrown these out after first use as he burnt his hand on the pot handle,” reviewed another.

“I grabbed the handle and am now nursing a burnt palm,” wrote a third.

Another customer posted a photograph of a meat thermometer resting on a MasterChef frypan’s handle, showing that the handle exceeded the thermometer’s maximum temperature of 87 degrees celsius.

Thermometer on pan handle showing 87 degrees celcius. Source: (User Andrew M. via Facebook)
The reviewer captured this photo after taking the handle's temperature. Source: (User Andrew M. via Facebook)

Posting on the Yahoo News Facebook page, other Coles customers have detailed similar issues with the MasterChef frying pan handle.

“I have had the exact same problem with this same pan - it’s very dangerous,” wrote one person.

“I burnt myself the same,” commented another.

Frypan handles ‘heatproof’: Coles website

In response to comments slamming Coles for burns inflicted by MasterChef cookware, a Facebook user commented that safety instructions are included with the products.

“We recommend using oven gloves as the handles may become hot with use,” a Coles representative replied.

However, the Coles MasterChef ‘Guide to Frypans’ website advises that the handles are heatproof.

“The handle of a MasterChef frypan is made from heatproof stainless steel - it’s lightweight and comfortable to hold,” the website says.

A Coles spokesperson has previously told Yahoo News that the cookware range meets Australian standards.

"MasterChef cookware has been thoroughly tested by the supplier and Coles Product Technologist team to ensure it meets Australian product standards,” they said.

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