Coles shopper rages over ‘dangerous’ MasterChef knife problem

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A concerned Coles customer has pleaded with other customers to be careful after a "dangerous" incident with a popular product.

The customer, who is from Western Australia, reached out to Coles via their official Facebook page yesterday, describing the incident where her MasterChef knife snapped while she was using it.

“Please be careful!” the customer wrote.

“I was expecting this to last much longer, it snapped when I was trying to chop some garlic.”

“Very disappointing and dangerous,” the customer said.

Accompanying the post was a photograph of the customer’s MasterChef knife, which has cleanly snapped at the blade approximately an inch above the end of the handle.

Coles’s MasterChef knife campaign began late last year, with customers able to earn the knives for free upon accumulation of Flybuys points on purchases over $20.

Knife on a chopping board, blade is split in half. Source: Facebook
The customer's said their knife dangerously split whilst preparing a meal. Source: Facebook

There were six knives in the collection - a utility knife, a small santoku knife, a large santoku knife, a bread knife, a cook’s knife, and a two-pack of steak knives.

The customer's photograph indicates that they owned a small santoku knife.

A spokesperson from Coles has told Yahoo News they are concerned about the customer’s incident.

“We’re sorry to see this has happened, we have contacted the customer and will be investigating the matter with our supplier," they said.

The spokesperson also indicated that Coles has provided safety and care instructions for handling the MasterChef knives on a dedicated page on the Coles website.

Coles MasterChef knife splits not uncommon

The customer’s broken MasterChef knife post isn’t the first one for Coles.

Another customer recently took to social media to report that her knife had snapped in the exact same manner and position.

In response to that customer’s post, other customers posted photos of their broken Coles MasterChef knives in the comments section.

Before that, a Victorian Coles customer reported that her MasterChef steak knife had formed a dangerous split near the base.

Shoppers walk out of a Coles shop in a shopping centre. Source: Getty Editorial
Coles has said they have contacted their supplier over the incident. Source: Getty Editorial

According to an article on the Coles website, the knives should stand the test of time.

“A quality knife should last for years,” the article reads.

The article also advises customers to adhere to proper care techniques with their MasterChef knives.

“Tossing your knives into a kitchen drawer with other cutlery can damage the blades,” it says.

Knives not the first Coles MasterChef promotion to spark outrage

A similarly run Coles promotion promised customers free MasterChef cookware, but many customers were upset to learn that they had missed out.

Customers were urged to scan their Flybuys card on eligible purchases in order to "save up" points to earn a free piece of MasterChef cookware.

Many customers took time to save up the necessary amount of points to earn a cookware item, which included signature MasterChef pots and pans.

The customers were disappointed to learn, however, that Coles had run out of stock before the promotion was due to end, leaving customers empty handed.

“Coles accepts no liability if cookware becomes unavailable for whatever reason,” the grocer's terms and conditions state.

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