Coles customer raves over staffer's ‘beautiful’ act: 'Very grateful'

A Coles customer has expressed her gratitude to a store staffer who went out of their way to help her in a difficult situation.

The New South Wales woman addressed a post to Coles’s official Facebook page earlier this week, thanking a team member at the Edgeworth store.

“A big thank you to the young man named Bailey who was working at Coles Edgeworth in the self service checkout area,” she said.

The woman expressed that she had recently suffered a rib injury and Bailey noticed that she was struggling to pack her groceries.

Customers separated by protective plexiglass shields are seen in the self-service checkout area of a Coles. Source: Reuters
The woman's post has gained likes from other Coles customers. Source: Reuters

“He could see that I wasn’t doing well and he offered to pack my groceries for me in my disability cart,” she said.

The woman ended her post by encouraging the Coles team to recognise Bailey’s act.

“Bailey made my day - hopefully you get rewarded for your kindness,” she said.

“My faith in humanity is restored and I am feeling very grateful.

“I would also like to say a big thank you to his parents for raising such a beautiful young man.”

Coles responds to positive experience

In response to the woman’s post, a Coles representative has expressed their delight in the woman’s feedback.

“We greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the excellent service you’ve received from a team member at our Edgeworth store,” they said.

“We love to hear about positive interactions where our Team Members have provided a great experience, and we'll be sure to pass this feedback along to our Edgeworth Management Team so Bailey's efforts are recognised.”

The representative also responded to the woman’s mention of her injury in her original post.

“We hope you’re feeling better soon,” they said.

Coles customer delighted with ‘fantastic’ free magazine

Another Coles customer has reached out to the retail giant on social media, raving about the ‘fantastic’ content in the Coles Magazine November issue.

“I just got the new magazine and as I turn the pages I don’t know what to cook next - it all looks so fantastic!” she said.

 A shopper walks out of Coles supermarket. Source: Getty Images
Coles's newest MasterChef promotion is set to run until February 2022 while stocks last. Source: Getty Images

The November issue, titled ‘Festive Entertainment’, contains a comprehensive seafood menu and ideas for Christmas snacks.

The customer then went on to express her excitement for Coles’s newest MasterChef promotion, where customers can save and spend FlyBuys points on MasterChef branded merchandise.

“I don’t know if I should use my points for a new knife or the mini chopper - so many decisions!,” she said.

“Thank you Coles for an amazing magazine I will also keep for future reference.”

Coles kindness going both ways

As customers rave about positive experiences at Coles stores, some customers are finding ways to return the favour.

TikTok star Lisa Biscoff has gone viral on two occasions, for supporting Coles workers by gifting chocolates to her local store’s team members.

The TikToker has previously made headlines for gifting boxes of Kit Kats and Twirl bars to her local Coles store.

“During tough times like these you need to do something kind for others,” she says in one of the videos.

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