Coles customer furious at 'super ridiculous' delivery fail

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A furious Coles customer has hit out at the grocer online, after multiple issues with her recent delivery.

Posting to the Coles Facebook page on Tuesday, the customer detailed the incident, accompanied by two photographs showing her order.

“In my order, I have fresh meat, snacks and household cleaning items including three dishwashing liquids,” she said.

“They packed cleaning detergent together with food in two different bags, in two of those bags the dishwashing liquid spilled.”

“My two packs of sugar and crackers (which were all packed in a paper bag/box) soaked up the dishwashing liquid and got contaminated,” she said.

Spilled detergent over sugar packets. Source: Facebook
The customer said that one out of three of the bottles of dishwashing liquid she ordered spilled, contaminating the food they were packed with. Source: Facebook

The customer then drew attention to another issue she had experienced with the same order.

“The fresh meat from Coles only has a one day expiry,” she wrote.

“We need to place our delivery order almost a week in advance but Coles still provides meat with a one day expiry.”

The customer then finalised the post slamming Coles’s customer service.

“This is super ridiculous,” she wrote.

“I reported this to Coles via Facebook messenger immediately on the date I got my delivery - I keep following up with Coles but I have received no response.”

In response to a Facebook user’s comment that she could have been poisoned if she had consumed the contaminated sugar and crackers, the poster indicated that she did receive a refund for the damaged items and expired meat after numerous attempts.

Coles responds to delivery gripe

A Coles spokesperson has told Yahoo News Australia that Coles was concerned to learn of the customer’s experience.

“Coles Online personal shoppers are trained to use separate bags to avoid mixing items such as fresh foods and cleaning supplies for health and safety reasons,” the spokesperson said.

Coles and Liquorland entrance. Source: Getty Images
Supermarket workers have revealed they are exhausted amid increased demand, lockdowns and staff shortages. Source: Getty Images

“We were concerned to hear about this customer’s experience and will ensure our Customer Care team follows this up.”

“We appreciate our customers’ patience as Coles Online experiences a significant surge in demand,” they said.

Delivery complaints on the rise

Coles customers are not holding back on social media as home delivery issues continue to surface.

Explaining a recent delivery issue, a customer claimed to have received "awful service" from Coles.

“I ordered a birthday cake last Thursday for today - that’s five days' notice,” the customer wrote.

“Only to get an email 45 minutes before pickup telling me that you cannot supply it.

“This is ridiculous - kids' birthdays in lockdown are hard enough without this kind of awful service!” they said.

In a separate post, another customer slammed Coles’s use of plastic bags in online deliveries.

“Why do you deliver in thick plastic bags?” the customer wrote.

“These end up in landfill and take four times as long to break down than the old free plastic bags.”

“Overall your home delivery services are terrible and I have switched to your major competitor and found them much better as they deliver in paper bags.”

A Coles spokesperson has previously told Yahoo News Australia that they use plastic bags for “health and safety reasons” to prevent cross-contamination between different items.

The spokesperson explained that the Coles Better Bags can be recycled at all of their stores and the supermarket has been able to collect “more than one billion pieces of plastic” since the inception of its REDcycle scheme in 2011.

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