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Coles customer calls out supermarket over poo problem: 'Disgusting'

A Sydney man has raised concerns over a disgusting find at a Coles supermarket, calling it "unhygienic".

The shopper shared photos of pigeon droppings he found on a store's meat cabinets and air conditioning vents above the bakery section, where the birds where perched.

"Coles please take care of the in-store pigeons in the Top Ryde store. It is most unhygienic particularly with all the droppings on the meat cabinets and on air-con vents above the bakery," the man wrote in a post on the Coles Facebook page.

Left: pigeon droppings on Coles meat cabinet; Right: pigeons standing on air-conditioning vent
A Coles customer was disgusted to find pigeon droppings on meat cabinets at the retailer's Top Ryde store in NSW. Source: Facebook

A Coles representative responded to the post, thanking the customer for bringing the issue to the retailer's attention and adding: "We want to assure you we have shared your feedback with the store and regional managers so they are aware."

The man who posted the photos told Yahoo News Australia that pigeons have been lurking around the Top Ryde shopping centre for a while, but it's unclear for how long. Seeing them inside the Coles supermarket was the final straw.

"It's disappointing that nothing is being done and now two or three pigeons are flying around the store," he said.

Right: Pigeon on air conditioning vent in Coles; Left: Pigeon poo on meat cabinet
Pigeons were spotted sitting above the aisles in the Coles Top Ryde store, while droppings were spotted were seen beneath them. Source: Facebook

Previous incidents

This isn't the first shopping centres and supermarkets around the country have struggled to address bird dropping problems.

Earlier this year, one frustrated Victorian dad slammed Woolworths over bird droppings covering trolley child seats at the Wangaratta branch.

Woolworths customers in Melbourne found themselves dodging bird poo at the retailer's Chelsea store due to an architectural flaw that allowed pigeons to sit on an overhang right above the supermarket's entrance.

Auslan expert Mike Webb also had the misfortune of falling victim to this when an owl decided to empty its bowels on top of him at a state government press conference in March this year.

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