Coles customer applauds ‘beautiful’ act by staffer at checkout

A Coles customer has praised the “beautiful” act he witnessed from a Coles staffer at checkout that brought tears to her eyes.

The customer took to the Coles Facebook page to share the heartwarming encounter, which she witnessed at her local store Medowie in the Hunter Region, NSW.

“While waiting in line at my local Coles supermarket, the elderly lady in front of me was having trouble paying with her debit card,” wrote the NSW woman in her post.

“It declined twice and she was confused at why it wasn't working. A beautiful young boy working on the check out told her it's ok, I'll fix it for you, and proceeded to pay for it using his own phone to access his account,” she wrote.

Coles Eftpos machine at the checkout.
A Coles shopper has praised the 'beautiful' act of a young staffer. Source: Getty

She went on to explain that unbeknownst to the elderly customer, who assumed her payment had gone through, the young Coles staffer had in fact paid for her $73 groceries out of his own pocket.

“He didn't look for thanks or acknowledgement in any way,” she said of the modest staffer.

“I wanted to cry at witnessing the absolute care and generosity of a fabulous young man called Michael.”

The Coles customer made sure to inform the supervisor of the store of the “beautiful thing” she had witnessed and assured the young staffer that “good things are coming his way.”

Coles customers praise ‘beautiful soul’ of staffer

Coles customers were touched by the act of generosity, with almost 300 users liking the Facebook post and 51 taking to the comments section to offer their praise.

“Some people are just winners. Awesome work young bloke. You're going places,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Wow that gave me cold shivers. What an amazing young man. Australia will be in good hands with young people like this. Hope Coles reimbursed him,” wrote another.

Coles shoppers exit the supermarket with groceries.
Coles shoppers have flocked to Facebook to applaud the 'wonderful' staffer. Source: Getty Images

While a third wrote: “Not just a credit to Coles but his parents and his own work ethic. Well Done Michael.”

Some shoppers, and even a fellow Coles staffer, shared their own stories of the “lovely young man” they had encountered in the Medowie Coles store.

“This sounds like the same young man that served me that afternoon, he was so polite and had such a lovely smile the whole time while serving,” said one customer.

“Reading through this I was thinking it was Michael... then seen his name, he is a lovely young man and he is an asset to our store. I will be giving him a praise up!” wrote a fellow Coles staffer and colleague of Michael's.

Coles shopper grateful for ‘caring’ customers and staff

A Sydney woman recently commended the kindness shown by shoppers and staff at Coles when her elderly mother lost her purse.

The Sutherland Shire woman said that kindhearted shoppers and staff at Caringbah Coles came to the aid of the 81-year-old mother who fainted at the checkout after realising she had lost her purse containing her $500 pension.

“She got so distressed and anxious about losing her purse and not being able to pay for her groceries that she fainted!” she wrote in her post to Facebook.

She went on to thank the caring men who helped her distraught mother to a seat and the Coles staff who looked after her until her family arrived.

“But more so, thank you to a beautiful young lady, Rebecca, who drove to mum’s house and back to the shops to find my mum and return her purse.”

She applauded the “amazing and caring young lady” who returned her mother’s purse and revealed that the experience made her proud to be part of the Sutherland Shire community.

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