Coles customer's baby bunnies in shopping basket delight TikTok

Two baby bunnies have taken TikTok by storm in a new video showing the animals accompanying their owner as they do their grocery shop at Coles.

The 30 second video was posted by TikTok mental health advocate @thats_so_roude on Tuesday with the caption "only at Coles".

In the video two baby bunnies are shown sitting in a Coles shopping basket alongside a packet of rice cakes.

The bunnies are blonde and light grey in colour.

From behind the camera, a female voice jokes: “Babe, I got us some fresh rabbit.”

Stills from a TikTok video show a woman with baby rabbits in Coles.
A TikTok video shows a shopper taking her baby rabbits in Coles. Source: TikTok/@thats_so_roude

The video then shows the TikToker gently holding the blonde bunny against the self-serve checkout scanner.

“I don’t know why it’s not scanning,” the TikToker jokes.

“It didn’t scan so it means they are free,” the TikToker writes in the video.

The video ends with the TikToker giggling whilst holding bunnies against their chest as they exit the store.

The TikToker, who identifies as Ray, is seen holding a black rabbit in their TikTok profile photo.

Many of Ray’s TikTok videos use humour to address mental health issues, respond to viewer questions, provide life advice and tell childhood stories.

This is not the first time bunnies have taken the internet by storm, with a daring rescue of a trapped rabbit and a bunny cradling its human’s pregnant belly winning viewer’s hearts.

TikTok commenters react to ‘sweet’ new online stars

TikTok has become a hub for users to share behind the scenes retail stories, acts of kindness, safety information and life hacks.

But the latest TikTok sensation has grabbed attention for a different reason.

The bunny shopping TikTok, which comments suggest was shot at a Coles in Liverpool, NSW, has over 12,000 views.

Many of the comments are from TikTokers gushing about the video’s "sweet" subjects.

“They are so cute,” commented one person.

“They’re so sweet,” wrote another.

Coles store front. Source: Getty Images
The shopper's TikTok video has gotten a strong response from viewers. Source: Getty Images

Some commenters have also played along with the poster’s antics, writing playful comments about the bunnies which the TikToker has responded to.

“What’s going on?,” wrote one person. “Taking the children out,” the TikToker responded.

“You can’t scan a rabbit, you have to look it up and price check it,” commented another user.

“Oh damn I forgot about that,” the TikToker responded.

A friend of the TikToker also commented on the video, indicating that the bunnies will reappear in another TikTok in the future.

“Stay tuned, taking them to Bunnings next,” they wrote.

“Yep bunnies at Bunnings,” the TikToker responded.

TikToker posts follow up video to bunny shopping trip

In a follow-up video, the TikToker reveals how Coles has responded to coverage of the video.

In the video, the TikToker reads a statement a Coles representative gave to 7News.

The statement indicates that Coles does not allow animals in store unless they are clearly identified as companion or assistance animals.

“They were my companion animals, I was really stressed that day,” the TikToker says.

The follow-up video ends with a still of the baby bunnies from the original TikTok.

“But look how cute they are, they’re so cute,” the woman says. The vlogger has a second TikTok account where they post videos of their cat.

That profile, @LifeWithRay_, describes the TikToker as a women’s advocate and aspiring engineer.

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