Coles worker reveals frustrating customer quirk on TikTok

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A Coles employee has gone viral on TikTok after shedding light on an annoying customer gripe.

Supermarket workers are not strangers to unruly customers or in-store stunts from patrons.

But the newest video from a Coles employee playfully draws attention to a well-intended checkout behaviour.

The video shows 18-year-old TikToker @fr0gs123 smiling at the screen and wearing a Coles uniform polo shirt and badge.

“My entire brain leaving my body when the total is $63.35 and the customer gives me $70 and then says ‘oh wait here’s the $3.15’,” she write across the top of the video.

A teenage Coles employee has taken to TikTok to complain about annoying customer behaviour at the checkout. Source: @fr0gs123/TikTok
A teenage Coles employee has taken to TikTok to complain about annoying customer behaviour at the checkout. Source: @fr0gs123/TikTok

The 10 second video ends with the TikToker shooting the camera an annoyed look.

The video, captioned “babe I’m just here to scan things I’m not Einstein”, has gotten over 280,000 views, 53,900 likes, and 147 shares since it was posted earlier this week.

TikTok has become a hub for store employees to share industry secrets and behind the scenes footage of their jobs.

‘So annoying': Coles video gets hundreds of comments

The TikToker’s cash-handling video has attracted over 600 comments.

While some commenters have urged the TikToker to “just do the math”, other retail workers have weighed in on how they handle the common cash handling issue.

In response to the TikToker’s on screen equation, one user commented: “I would genuinely hand the $3.15 back because I cannot handle that”.

“I just whip out my calculator in front of them,” said another.

“It’s so annoying,” added a third.

A woman stands in front of a Coles store.
Many people commenting the video on TikTok agreed that it would be difficult for them to do the maths too. Source: Getty

Other TikTok users have weighed in, claiming that being asked to calculate change on the spot is stressful.

“My brain can literally not compute this under pressure,” wrote one user.

“All of a sudden I forgot to add and subtract,” said another.

“This triggered my fight or flight response,” commented a third.

The TikTok’s creator has been responding to comments with laugh emojis and self-deprecating jokes.

“Just can’t do maths,” she playfully responded to one comment.

“I am good at my job I swear!” she added later.

‘My brain still can’t figure it out’: TikTok users debate correct change

Even though the TikToker commented on her video, saying: “why are so many people trying to do maths I just keyboard smashed random numbers haha”, that hasn’t stopped other users from trying to come up with the right answer.

The teen wrote that the total owing was $63.35 and the customer gave her $70 and then added another $3.15 to the cash given.

Commenters were torn over whether the customer would receive $10, $10.20 or $9.80 in change, before one TikTok user cleared up the issue.

“The customer gave $70 + $3.15 which is $73.15. The total was $63.35 and since they overpaid you, subtract $73.15 - $63.35 = $9.80,” the commenter correctly calculated.

This is not the first time a supermarket-related TikTok has caused debate in the comments.

Users were also recently divided over a woman’s repurposing of Coles items into fashion, and a woman’s toilet paper stunt in a Woolworths.

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