TikTokers are blown away by an ‘impressive’ trick for making dirty pans look ‘brand new’: ‘No way’

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A TikTok hack showing how clean a pan has users rushing to try it themselves.

The tip, which claims to make dirty pots and pans look “brand new,” follows in a long tradition of TikTok cleaning hacks. In the past, users have shared their tips for keeping water stains off shower doors, sweeping without a dustpan and removing bad smells from a car

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This latest trick has spread widely on TikTok, but it went especially viral thanks to user Dan Shaba, who’s known for testing out life hacks. 

“Finally a hack that’s actually useful,” Shaba captioned his video trying out the hack. 

The trick worked well for Shaba, removing plenty of rust and dirt off his pan. TikTok users were relatively shocked by the results, which they called “impressive” and “awesome.’

“No way,” one user wrote.

“What the what? Now I have to try it,” another added.

The editors here at In The Know had to see the hack in action, so we decided to test it ourselves. We had video producer Nick Rudzewick, who has spent plenty of time dirtying his pans, try it out. Watch the video above to see how well it worked, or keep reading for a step-by-step guide to trying the hack at home. 

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How to clean a pan with TikTok’s viral baking soda hack

For this cleaning hack, you’ll need:

  • Salt

  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • Dish soap

  • Steel wool

  • Paper towels

First, shake a generous amount of salt over the bottom of your pan. Then, sprinkle on several shakes of baking soda until the pan bottom is lightly coated.

From there, pour dish soap across the pan bottom, zig-zagging to cover as much area as possible. Next, use steel wool to rub the ingredients together across the pan.

Finally, cover the entire pan bottom with a paper towel, and pour white vinegar on top until the paper towel is fully moist. Let it sit for a moment until you see the solution starting to bubble underneath.  

As you remove the paper towel, swirl it around to mix the vinegar across the pan. As you wipe, you should reveal a pan that’s practically “brand new.”

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