Claims cop killer had 'sexual relationship' with female prison guard

The mother of a murdered Sydney police officer is furious over claims her son’s killer had a sexual relationship with a female guard behind bars.

Sione Penisini was jailed for 36 years over the murder of police officer Glenn McEnallay in Hillsdale in 2002.

But despite being held in maximum security at Kempsey jail,  it’s claimed he’s been able to have a sexual relationship with a female prison guard there.

Sione Penisini was jailed for 36 years over the murder of police officer Glenn McEnallay in 2002. Source: 7 News

“I just couldn’t believe that something like this could happen within the prison system,” Judy McEnallay-Mulheron said.

While Senior Constable McEnallay’s mother is demanding answers, all Corrective Services will say is that the allegations are being investigated.

It is understood the female guard has already quit.

Judy McEnallay-Mulheron said she couldn’t believe the relationship was allowed to happen. Source: 7 News
The relationship was alleged to have unfolded while Penisini was in maximum security at Kempsey jail. Source: 7 News

“It can’t just be the two people within the prison that knew it,” Mrs McEnallay-Mulheron said.   

“There has to be other people who have known about this, who have covered the whole situation up.”

In 2015,  another female guard at the same jail was sacked over an affair with one-punch killer Kieran Loveridge.

The Corrections Minister wouldn’t comment on Monday, but was already planning to visit Kempsey   next Monday  to open a new facility.

Murdered policeman Glenn McEnallay. Source: 7 News

The Opposition is demanding he take responsibility – and action – against everyone found to be involved.

“This leaves a lot to be desired,” Shadow Corrections Minister Guy Zangari said.

“This is a major security breach. Heads should roll.”

Penisini is also in trouble for assaulting another inmate. On Monday he was transferred to maximum security at Goulbourn jail.

“This makes you angry more than anything,” Mrs McEnallay-Mulheron said.

“The system has let everybody down.”

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