Chilling footage shows Aussie mum saving son from lurking danger

A mother’s intuition has saved her two-year-old son from walking right into the path of a massive predator.

In a TikTok video, which has since racked up more than 19.3 million views, a toddler can be seen playing with his dog in the front yard of a North West Queensland home.

As the pair get closer to the gate surrounding the Cloncurry property, the boy’s mum, Raquel Crisp, walks down the garden path with her baby daughter in her arms. But as she goes to open the gate, she stops suddenly in her tracks, while reaching around to push her son behind her.

A mum, holding her baby daughter, shields her son from a large snake on their Cloncurry property in North West Queensland.
A close encounter with a large snake on their North West Queensland property in Cloncurry sent a mum and her two children fleeing. Source: TikTok

As the little boy runs off towards the house, the mother of two slowly backs away from the driveway, keeping her eyes peeled on the gate.

“Can you see it,” text reads over the CCTV video which was posted to TikTok by Ms Crisp’s husband Christopher. “Lucky mum saw.”

It was only in the caption that he revealed what had spooked his wife and sent his family fleeing.

“The snake sat there for over a minute watching the dogs and Lucas play in front of the yard,” he said.

‘Thank God the mum came over’

The viral video has left thousands questioning their eyesight with many unable to spot the hidden danger.

“Zoomed in and I still can’t see it,” one person wrote. “I think there is something laying on the floor,” said another. “WHERE?” screamed someone else.

But a few keen eyed TikTokers were able to make out the reptile waiting nearby.

“OMG snake on the road,” one person said. “Wow, that's so creepy!” another said.

Christopher Crisp said it was 'lucky' that his wife Raquel spotted the snake before it was too late. Source: TikTok
Christopher Crisp said it was 'lucky' that his wife Raquel spotted the snake before it was too late. Source: TikTok

“Thank God the mum came over to see it,” someone else said. “Thank goodness your son stayed inside the gate,” claimed another. “I’m surprised the dog didn’t see it,” one person added.

While the snake was filmed finally slithering away, it is continuing to cause a stir online with Mr Crisp posting a series of clips to highlight where it was lurking. They’ve since been viewed a combined total of 2.3 million times.

Speaking about the incident on Facebook, the Queensland father took a guess at what kind of snake it was.

“Carpet python I reckon,” he said. “I don’t know [it’s] hard to tell with the footage we caught and Raquel didn’t get too good of a look at it.”

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