Mum saves daughter from deadly creature in backyard: 'Terrifying'

A Melbourne mum came face-to-face with every Aussie parent’s worst nightmare this week after spotting a highly venomous eastern brown snake slithering toward her toddler.

Daniella Vizzini was forced to spring into action while enjoying the warm weather in her Lalor backyard on Wednesday as her two-year-old daughter Eva played in a kid’s swimming pool.

Footage from her home security system shows the mum chatting on the phone before suddenly leaping to her feet and yanking the toddler from the water by her arm. Ms Vizzini told 3AW she was telling a friend to come over with her children and enjoy the pool when she suddenly saw something in the corner of her eye.

Daniella Vizzini yanking her daughter from the pool after spotting the brown snake.
Daniella Vizzini sprung into action and yanked her daughter from the pool after spotting the brown snake. Source: 3AW

“I’ve just screamed ‘Snake! Snake!’ and I’ve just grabbed her,” the mum said, adding that she then ran to her husband who was taking care of their five-month-old child at the time.

“I saw it rise up out of the ground because it was in like an ‘S’ shape. It was ready, it looked like it was ready to strike her. It was frightening. Terrifying.” Additional footage following the incident shows the brown snake slithering away in the grass.

Ms Vizzini, who said she was in shock, called a snake catcher for help, but by the time he got there, it had disappeared into a hole.

Long grass a problem

With snakes emerging from their winter slumber in search of food and mating partners, there have been more sightings across Australia in recent weeks. However, the mum thought it was unusual to see eastern browns in the Melbourne suburbs.

“We definitely have got an issue with the grass at the moment around the area,” she told Today, claiming that the council “wasn’t doing enough about it”.

Ms Vizzini, her husband and their children.
Despite calling a snake catcher for help, by the time he arrived the family said the snake had disappeared into a hole. Source: Today

Eastern brown snakes are the second most venomous in Australia and can be potentially deadly. Anyone who is bitten is urged to seek help immediately.

“This species has the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from snake bite than any other species of snake in Australia. Many bites have been a direct result of people trying to kill these snakes and could obviously have been avoided,” the Australian Museum says.

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