Woman's terrifying find among dirty dishes: 'Only in Australia'

An Aussie woman was making her way into the kitchen to do the dishes when she came across a huge snake stretched around her sink.

"Why is there a f***ing snake in my kitchen?" Kenz Hunt, 35, bellowed in her TikTok video.

The uninvited python Ms Hunt called a 'nope rope', made its way into her NSW home by sliding through her dog door.

Photo of Aussie woman Kenz Hunt next to a photo of the carpet python found in her kitchen.
Aussie woman Kenz Hunt posted a TikTok of the carpet python she found slithering in her kitchen. Source: TikTok / kenzhunt

"Only in Australia" Ms Hunt said in the caption.

People in the comments were mainly Aussies and found the situation hilarious, leading to a comical exchange between Ms Hunt and some of her followers..

"I wheezed," one person said.

"This took an unexpected turn," said another, to which Ms Hunt said "You're telling me".

"He just came in to do the dishes," someone suggested.

They also made light of the situation.

"That’s a spicy extension cord," said a TikToker.

"Just sssssstopping by for dinner," said another.

"I thought landlords weren't allowed to entire your home without first giving 24 hours notice," a third person said.

"I am the landlord!" Ms Hunt replied. "This scary noodle owes me one days rent now".

Several people in the comments identified the snake as a carpet python, also confirming the species is non-venomous.

"She'll be right," one person said.

"What a gorgeous carpet snake!" said another.

Though a woman who owns four carpet pythons did warn that "they have about 80 teeth in that mouth and it's not a nice bite at all!".

Snake and homeowner become roommates

Despite saying she is "still shaking" after the scary find, Ms Hunt posted an update on TikTok two weeks later, revealing the snake is STILL living with her.

"So its come to the point that we’ve become besties..It's been 2 weeks guys," she said.

"At two weeks, she is officially your new flatmate!" someone said in the comments.

According to the Queensland Museum, the carpet python is found throughout northern, eastern and southern Australia and can grow more than three metres in length.

They tend to eat frogs, lizards, birds, and mammals — so not any Vegemite sandwiches which is what a person jokingly suggested the snake was after in the woman's kitchen.

A photo of the snake next to a jar of vegemite, and another photo of the snake on the woman's wooden floor near her bedroom.
After discovering the snake in her kitchen, Kenz Hunt has been living with it for two weeks. Source: TikTok/ kenzhunt

Disturbing 20kg discovery inside 4.5-metre python

Another hungry python was also found recently at someone's property, being on the bigger size for its species.

The greedy snake raided a fruit farm and stalked a 20kg hog in its enclosure before swallowing it whole in Nakhon Si Thammarat province of Thailand.

Eventually it was caught and later released in its natural habitat far away from local residents.

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