Aussie woman finds TWO enormous snakes 'snuggling' in her kitchen

An elderly woman on the Sunshine Coast got the shock of her life when she discovered two “decent sized” carpet pythons “snuggled up” in her kitchen.

“That’s insane,” Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said in a video which has since gone viral on Facebook. “They’ve come on in for a bit of hanky panky behind the microwave. One of the last places you’d expect.”

More than 251,000 people have watched the three-minute clip which sees the snake catcher lean around the appliance to pick up both snakes with his bare hands at the property in Buderim.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said he'd never come across two snakes mating behind a microwave before. Source: Facebook
Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said he'd never come across two snakes mating behind a microwave before. Source: Facebook

“How’s that? That is nuts,” Mr McKenzie says as he swings both reptiles around to face the camera, a sea of scaled bodies entwined in front of him.

“I’ve just interrupted coitus. I’m sure if someone got interrupted they’d be pretty grumpy about it,” he added as he brought the pythons down to the floor before placing them in a large sack. “There you go, not everyday that happens.”

Homeowners urged to watch out for mother snakes

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Mr McKenzie said he’d been called out to remove mating snakes before but never like this. “Sitting on the kitchen bench behind a microwave, that's probably a first where I've caught two snakes in this situation,” he said.

“Obviously it [catching two snakes at once] probably throws in an extra element of difficulty. Sometimes when I’ve picked up two snakes before, both of them can be quite raring and ready to go so it makes it a little bit more difficult.” Fortunately this loved-up couple were “well behaved".

While the snake mating season is coming to an end, Mr McKenzie warns the danger isn’t over for homeowners.

“Females will be looking for places to lay their eggs and then obviously a lot of snakes will be hungry because they've been concentrating on breeding for the last two months, trying to find a mate,” he explained. “Usually they're out looking for food so it's very important this time of year that people are checking their chicken enclosures and bird avaries to make sure that there's no gaps that snakes can sneak in.”

‘My house would be up for sale immediately’

The video, which has received more than 2,000 reactions and 300 comments, ends with the snakes being released outside, their long frames slithering away. “We were able to relocate the two love birds back out into the bush where they belong,” Mr McKenzie wrote alongside the footage.

But not everyone was happy. “OMG this is crazy,” one person wrote on the clip. “That would freak me out,” said another. While many were prepared to pack their bags. “I would move out!” someone wrote while another added that “my house would be up for sale immediately".

Others joked that the pythons were just looked for some “privassssy".

“Hot date,” one person wrote online, “doing it between a stove and a microwave.” “Oh my goodness they don’t care where they have their love affairs,” another said.

“How Australian can you get?” a third added. “Two snakes getting jiggy with it in your kitchen. Hopefully they will find each other again and continue the romance.”

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