Brisbane vet makes incredible find inside snake's stomach: 'Amazing'

A vet clinic in Brisbane has made an incredible discovery inside the stomach of a tree snake and its left some people shocked.

The 24-gram reptile, named Ascarid, was taken to the Unusual Pet Vets (UPV) clinic, in the southwest suburb of Jindalee after a large round mass was spotted in its stomach with vets determined to find a diagnosis.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the clinic said they suspected "foreign material" or an "abscess" could be to blame, but an ultrasound and radiographs proved unsuccessful.

Pictured is Ascarid, the common tree snake
A tiny common tree snake was taken in due to a large round mass seen in its stomach region. Source: The Unusual Pet Vets /Facebook

"It was elected to take this little snake to surgery to diagnose and attempt a repair if possible," UPV wrote on the post.

Dr Josh, who was in charge of the surgery, performed a gastrostomy and found a large abscess. But there was a "heavy burden" of worms which shocked them most.

The roundworms had completely blocked the snake's stomach, they revealed. But thankfully, the vet was able to remove them along with a small portion of the stomach.

The large abscess that had formed in the snake's stomach.
A large abscess had formed in the snake's stomach. Source: The Unusual Pet Vets

"Feeding tubes were placed into the stomach in both directions while Dr Josh repaired the damaged organ," they shared.

"The tubes helped ensure the entry and exit of the stomach remained patent during the repair."

Thankfully, Ascarid the snake is "recovering well" without the unwanted guests in its tummy.

The snake will be "monitored closely," the clinic said.

People shocked by discovery of worms

Roundworms are a parasite that can also affect humans. It's suspected the snake contracted the worms through its diet.

But people in the comments were shocked to learn that snakes can get them too.

"I did not know snakes could get worms," one person wrote.

The snake following the surgery.
There was a bit of inflammation following the surgery, however, Ascarid is recovering well. Source: The Unusual Pet Vets

"Never knew snakes could get roundworms! Amazing," another said.

Others praised the work of the vets for dealing with such a "delicate" procedure, while some commented on the name Ascarid, which is the name given to human worm infections.

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