Woman shocked by ‘huge’ discount at Bunnings

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A Bunnings shopper has been left underwhelmed after spotting what she thought was a bargain price on a can of cleaning product.

Thinking she was about to score 250ml of Steel Kleen - a product used to clean stainless steel - at a discounted price, she took a closer look.

Behind the bright orange $6.75 price tag however was the product’s original price, and to the woman’s bemusement, it was higher by a meager one cent.

Technically she would be saving no money if she opted to pay for the cleaner using cash.

Bunnings label and Bunnings store pictured.
The orange label was covering a price tag advertising the product for just one cent more. Source: Facebook/Getty Images

Despite what appeared to be an attempt at luring customers into thinking they were getting a good deal, the shopper managed to see the humour in the situation.

Sharing photos of the original and new price tags to Facebook, she wrote “When you try and find a bargain at Bunnings lol”.

Several others expressed their amusement at the “huge saving” in comments to her post, with one jokingly saying they hoped she “stocked up”.

“ONE CENT?! Outta my way ladies, that bargain is MINE,” another quipped.

“Hope you bought the lot,” someone else wrote.

One person indicated they were familiar with other retailers doing the same, and pointed out the orange label didn’t actually state it was advertising a “special price”.

The label beneath had a higher price, pictured here.
The label beneath had a higher price than the orange label by just one cent. Source: Facebook

“To be fair, it doesn't say it's on sale. But it's likely they've preemptively price matched someone,” one person said.

Another fellow shopper said all the woman needed to do was “Buy 50 and you've saved half a dollar”.

Bunnings clarified with Yahoo News Australia the true purpose of the orange label.

“An orange ticket is a competitive price match,” Bunnings National Cleaning Buyer Ashlee Tanner said.

“Even if it’s by a cent, we make sure we meet competitor pricing.”

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