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Bunnings shopper baffled by odd pricing blunder: 'Not the sharpest tool'

A Bunnings customer has poked fun at a bizarre pricing blunder he spotted in a Sydney store.

The confused shopper shared a photo of the strange discovery on Wednesday, questioning the staff's ability to do maths.

“Bunnings, um, bargain?” he wrote.

Bunnings deck lights pack; Bunnings storefront
The confused Bunnings shopper shared the odd pricing blunder on Reddit. Source: Reddit/Getty

The accompanying photo posted on Reddit shows a 10-pack box of Deck Lights, with a handwritten disclaimer in black marker to alert shoppers that the box only contains nine lights.

The Bunnings staff at the Sydney store also added a “clearance” price tag to the product. The item was advertised at a discounted price of $85 instead of the original $90.

Bunnings store car park with sign reading
Bunnings shoppers were just as baffled as the customer who shared the odd display of maths. Source: Getty

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Bunnings, who confirmed that product markdowns are done at each store's discretion.

Occasionally, when Bunnings products have a minor fault, but are in usable condition, stock will be sold to customers at a marked down price.

Reddit users question Bunnings' maths

Other shoppers were just as confused as the customer who shared the image.

“Quick maths tells me something doesn’t compute,” wrote a suspicious Reddit user.

The original poster confirmed that the box only contained lights and no additional items, such as a remote or cables.

Therefore when he did the maths, he concluded that Bunnings had only reduced the original price by 5.5 per cent.

Bunnings trolleys lined up in store
Bunnings shoppers used old-fashioned maths to decipher how much the retailer should have discounted the original price. Source: Getty

He wrote: "Well done Bunnings, this $90 product that is missing 10 per cent of its contents is reduced by 5.5 per cent."

According to the man, Bunnings should have reduced the original price of the deck lights by 10 per cent, or $9 – meaning the product should have been sold for $81 rather than $85.

Reddit roasts Bunnings over pricing blunder

Several others couldn’t help but joke about the maths fail in the comments.

“Not the sharpest tool in the shed,” commented one Reddit user.

“Bunnings employees are not known for their great maths,” laughed another.

Several commentators joked that the lights came with a “free phone”, as shown on the box.

“If I could get that mobile for $40, I'd be well pleased!” chimed one person.

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