Bunnings customers outraged as popular Bluey items sell for hundreds online

The popular Bluey merchandise at Bunnings sold out quickly, but is now being resold on eBay for an extortionate price.

Just days after Bunnings sent Aussies into a spin by releasing a Bluey-themed range of garden gnomes, frustrated customers have spotted the sought-after sets being flogged online by resellers for extortionate prices.

The limited-edition merchandise – a collaboration between the hardware store and the popular Aussie kid’s show – is being sold in-store and online throughout February. But the four figurines, dubbed “husbands”, which retail at $19, have proved so popular they have already sold out online, with limited stock available in stores nationally.

Bunnings has also transformed six stores around Australia – and one in New Zealand – into Hammerbarn stores, a nod to a season 2 episode of the hit children’s show.

While other merchandise is also available to purchase from the DIY store, including a Hammerbarn tote bag and bucket hat, a Bunnings spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the Bluey garden gnomes (husbands) were "the most sought-after product" saying "all floor stock sold out". Purchase limits were implemented at some stores where stock was low, however, many customers have expressed their frustration over missing out entirely.

Bluey garden gnomes and other merchandise inside Bunnings store.
The popular $19 Bluey gnomes, part of Bunnings collaboration with the kids' TV show, sold out within hours in some stores. Source: reddit

Bunnings’ Bluey gnomes sold on eBay for huge price

The unprecedented popularity now sees resellers attempting to cash in on the excitement with some items priced at over $100 each. A quick search on eBay returns over 100 listings for Bunnings’ Bluey garden gnome collection and in some cases, full sets, which include all four gnomes and other merch, are priced at a whopping $1,000.

“Beware of eBay resellers,” one person warned on social media on Saturday after noticing four gnomes selling for $400 on eBay – a hefty $324 markup. The poster even claimed it was their image used on the listing suggesting the seller “doesn’t have the items to sell”.

Left: Bunnings Bluey merchandise inside Bunnings store Right: Bluey gnomes and Hammerbarn hat bought from Bunnings
The gnomes were the most popular and are no longer available online through Bunnings. Source: Reddit/Facebook
Bunnings Bluey merchandise being sold on eBay.
The sold out merchandise is being sold on eBay by resellers for up to $1000. Source: eBay

“Not sure what's worse, people profiting off this, or people willing to spend this much to get them,” another said on Sunday, sharing a bunch of online listings for the sought-after garden gnomes.

“Not surprised, just disappointed that people are doing their usual thing with limited-run products. That's not the only listing, there's many, with individual gnomes starting at $100+” another pointed out.

Commenting on the revelation, people agreed it’s an “absolute rip-off” with one person saying “it wouldn't surprise me if the reason so many are sold out is because of eBay resellers profiteering”. They added, “I really hope Bunnings has a second wave of stock ready to go just to crush these people.”

Others revealed they too had trouble finding the gnomes in their nearest store, with some claiming staff had told them people had been lining up since 7am on Saturday morning when the items were first released.

“I got my gnomes, went shopping and came back to 4 gnomes left," said one Bunnings shopper. “They sold out in under two hours. But they’re cute, I’m not surprised”, she claimed.

Bunnings store turned into Bluey Hammerbarn store.
A handful of Bunnings stores have also been temporarily turned into a Hammerbarn store, a fictional hardware store that featured in the Bluey hit television show. Source: reddit

Bunnings confirms new Bluey stock is coming

Speaking of the unprecedented demand, Adrian Pearce, Bunnings GM – Merchandise apologised to those customers who "missed out" on picking up a garden gnome over the weekend, but said the team is "working hard" to ensure additional stock will start to drop into selected stores "as quickly as possible".

"We are doing our best to ensure as many customers as possible have access to shop the range by selling products in-store only, and placing product limits on Bluey garden gnomes, however the popularity of Hammerbarn has exceeded our expectations," he told Yahoo.

Bunnings is also "aware and disappointed" to see the Bluey products "being posted for resale at extremely inflated prices". "If you are unable to get a Bluey garden gnome this month, we are working with our supplier to get more into production and in-store this year," they added.

Online frenzy over popular collectibles

As wild as it seems, we see it time and time again with supermarket collectables often being resold online for a profit. In 2020, a Woolworths Ooshie received a bid on eBay for almost $100k while Woolies Fix-ems collectibles caused an online frenzy in 2022. In 2018, parents were warned about Coles Little Shop resellers who were accused of using sneaky tricks to source free Christmas cases to sell them for a profit.

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