Sydney bar owner takes apart Instagram influencer reaching out for free drinks

A Sydney bar owner has put an Instagram influencer in his place after the social media wheeler-dealer manipulator offered to promote the venue in exchange for free drinks.

Bulletin Place at Circular Quay was contacted by a man earlier this week and shared the conversation on Instagram.

The man, who has more than 37,000 followers, says he likes the look of Bulletin Place and it “would be great” to promote the bar on his Instagram account.

“That would be great. Thanks!” the owner says.

However, the influencer won’t do the promotion for free.

“I can do a couple of posts for you in exchange for drinks,” he says.

A text conversation between an Instagram influencer and staff from Bulletin Place bar in Sydney.
The influencer offered his services in exchange for free drinks but Bulletin Place wasn't keen. Source: Instagram/ Bulletin Place

But the owner wasn’t having any of that.

“Yeah, nah,” the owner says.

“Good luck with your influencing, mate.”

The man then says he’s never seen Bulletin Place.

“I’m booked out anyway with all the other relevant bars in Sydney,” he says.

The owner points out Bulletin Place was listed in the top 100 bars in the world.

According to the World’s Best Bars’ 2018 list, Bulletin Place ranked 75 in the top 100.

A cocktail sits on a countertop at Sydney's Bulletin Place bar.
The World’s Best Bars’ 2018 list ranked Bulletin Place at number 75. Source: Facebook/ Bulletin Place

“‘Booked out’ - I’m glad margaritas can pay the rent, you peasant,” the owner says.

The conversation was shared on Instagram by the pub leaving people in hysterics.

“Such a shame we’re so irrelevant. How are we ever going to popular?” the bar captioned the pic.

One woman wrote the conversation between the two “is gold”.

“You should frame it,” she wrote.

One man called the Instagrammer an “absolute spanner”.

It appears his Instagram page has been deleted.

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