The bucket list of adventures couple created for dying dog

A canine-loving couple have created a touching bucket list of adventures for their dying dog.

Queensland couple Kerry and Josh Boyd wanted their 11-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier and rottweiler cross, Mooey, to enjoy the last weeks of her life after a cancer diagnosis.

“The vets have told us that she didn’t have very many treatment options, because she’s got arthritis in her leg,” owner Kerry Boyd told Sunrise.

“It’s a hard thing as a dog person to hear that kind of news.”

The couple wanted to put “a positive spin” on the sad situation and devised a list of rewarding experiences for Mooey to tick off a ‘bucket list’.

Queensland couple Kerry and Josh Boyd (pictured left and centre) created a touching bucket list after discovering that their Staffy and Rottweiler crossbreed dog, Mooey, (pictured right) had only weeks to live after a cancer diagnosis. Source: Sunrise

“When we heard about Mooey’s diagnosis, we really wanted to celebrate the last few months of her life,” Ms Boyd said.

“We thought we’d put together a fun bucket list and our friends and family helped to contribute ideas.”

“It was just a good way to celebrate her life,” Ms Boyd said.

The bucket list was a group effort, with loved ones pitching in with ideas for pampering the pooch.

“First off, we put a message out to our friends and family and asked them to contribute ideas, because everyone knows Mooey pretty well and knows how adventurous she is.”

In spite of her cancer diagnosis, crossbreed Staffy and Rottweiler dog Mooey (pictured left and right) is living life to the fullest, enjoying puppa-cinos at cafes and long walks on the beach. Source: Sunrise

“We had some great ideas come through.”

So far, Mooey has sampled life as a Police dog, dived into a colourful ball pit and enjoyed a ‘puppa-cino’ at a local cafe.

“Some of the highlights have been obviously the police ride along, that’s pretty great,” Ms Boyd said.

“Then we had the visit to the beauty salon at Little Creatures. That was fantastic as well.”

Mooey has also enjoyed a final walk along the beach with her devoted owners. However, the fun hasn’t stopped and the couple have plenty more plans for Mooey’s final weeks.

“We’re hoping to get to a nursing home as well, maybe a day care centre, hang out with some kids,” Ms Boyd said.

“Mooey really loves people.”