Cafe's harsh response to Brisbane mum's 'very disappointed' review

A Brisbane mum has claimed that she has suffered online bullying after posting a negative review of a cafe.

Kylie Lindsay claims she went to The Low Road Cafe at Windsor in city’s north earlier this week with her 15-month-old son but when she arrived there were no high chairs.

She initially left a review on the cafe’s Facebook page, which has now been deleted, The Courier-Mail reports.

It’s not clear what rating she gave the cafe but she reportedly wrote she was “very disappointed” the cafe didn’t have a high chair for her son.

Co-owner Naomi explained to Ms Lindsay people trip over high chairs and “cover them in crap” but she was welcome to bring her pram.

“We have plenty of regulars with kids and we love ‘em,” Naomi wrote.

A woman has gotten into a fiery argument with The Low Road Cafe in Brisbane over a lack of high chairs. Source: Facebook/ The Low Road Cafe

Another review was written on Facebook by Ms Lindsay, in which she claims cafe staff suggested she was “irritating and entitled”.

Ms Lindsay also left a one-star review on Google.

“Such a shame and would hope the owners take a good hard look at their handling of such issues,” she wrote on Google.

In a response to Ms Lindsay on Google, the cafe asked for her to “leave us alone”.

“Hi Karen, thanks for your 4900000th opinion on the matter,” it wrote.

“You've been kicking off on all sorts of social media trying to discredit us because you didn't get your way, and now you're here. We don't have high chairs. We explained why.

“We are parents ourselves. Please, for the love of God have a glass of wine and pop some kind of nurturing essential oil in your diffuser and leave us alone.”

Kylie Lindsay's review on Facebook and response from the cafe's co-owner Naomi. Source: Facebook

All her reviews, except the Google one, appear to have been deleted.

The cafe explained to The Courier-Mail it’s because people were commenting and fighting with each other under one of the reviews.

Ms Lindsay has claimed she suffered online bullying as a result of her reviews.

“It’s feedback given to a business and [people online have] chosen to make it personal and it’s bullying,” she told The Courier-Mail.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the cafe thanked its customers for their support.

“We won’t be talking to any more media about it as we’d be more than happy to move on with our lives and get back to doing what we do best (as soon as we figure out what that is),” Low Road Cafe wrote.

The cafe has a history of tongue-in-cheek responses to critical reviews.

On Google, one man criticised the service at The Low Road Cafe for being “pretty ordinary”.

“You’ve never been here,” the cafe replied.

Another using the name “Lowlife Cafe” also gave the restaurant a one-star review.

“Low on service, low on variety, certainly not low on prices but big low on customer satisfaction. Avoid this place,” the review reads.

“This is our favourite review to date. Five stars,” the cafe wrote in response.

Ms Lindsay would not comment when contacted by Yahoo News Australia.

The Low Road Cafe’s owners told Yahoo News Australia they are not commenting any further on the matter.

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