Bride set alight for dramatic wedding shot

How far would you go to create the perfect wedding snaps?

As part of a shocking social media trend this bride has calmly posed for a dramatic wedding photo, while her wedding gown has been set on fire.

The photographer can be seen in the cringe-worthy vision setting the gown on fire before swiftly running away seemingly in a bid to not get burnt.

The moment the fire is extinguished. Source: YouTube

All the while the flames flicker near the bride, who remains remarkably calm despite being in a less than an ideal situation.

According to reports the bride’s wedding dress was set on fire in China’s Fujian province.

The photoshoot occurred by a lake, reportedly in Fuzhou.

The moment the fire slowly burned up the back of the brides dress. Source: YouTube
The moment the fire is put out. Source: YouTube

It was left to burn in a bid to create an artistic effect.

The ‘behind the scenes’ footage was posted to YouTube on May 17, by People’s Daily, China.

As the fire rapidly climbs up the dress, someone rushes into the video carrying a fire extinguisher.

Another bride who decided who have her gown set alight. Source: John Michael Cooper

They then swiftly put out the fire, merely a moment before it reached the actual bride.

It’s not yet known if the bride was injured during the risky shoot, however during the vision she appears to remain unharmed.

The “Joan of Arc, trash the dress trend” was the brainchild of photographer, John Michael Cooper.

So far the vision has had more the 12,000 views.