Bride's dilemma after wedding dress looks nothing like what she ordered online

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Buying a wedding dress can end up being very expensive. Photo: Getty

A bride-to-be has been faced with an awkward dilemma after ordering a wedding dress online, which turned up looking absolutely nothing like what it was advertised as.

The “online shopping fail” was shared to a wedding shaming group on Facebook by a woman who said it was her friend that had bought the bridal gown online.

“Left is what she ordered. Right is what she received,” she wrote, sharing a side-by-side photo of the dress as it was advertised vs what actually arrived.

Left is what she ordered and right is what she received. Photo: Facebook

Some said the dress was salvageable if her friend made some tweaks to the dress she had received.

“This isn't a complete disaster. Line the bodice, add a petticoat, maybe sew on some lace along the hem,” one person suggested.

“If she had a white under garment it wouldn’t look too bad,” another said.

But many people thought it was the bride’s own fault for ordering a cheap dress online and had little sympathy for her situation.

“I have no sympathy for people who order their dress online. You know the risk at this point,” was one comment.

“Do not order online from non-reputable designers, not for your wedding dress,” another said. “A bathing suit or everyday wear? Sure give them a shot then but not your wedding dress!”

“There's a reason people pay thousands for wedding dresses. If it were possible to get a good one for 20 bucks everyone would,” another added.

It wasn’t all bad though. While online shopping fails regularly grace the internet, there are some who said they had no issues when purchasing a wedding dress online - as long as you do a bit of research, and know who you’re buying from.

“For what it's worth, my dress form a Chinese shop like Wish,” one person revealed. “While it definitely could have been a fail, it ended up pretty great for $170, it was worth the risk.”

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