Bride ditches groom and marries wedding guest

A woman in India has married one of her wedding guests after her groom collapsed. Photo: File, Reuters.

A woman has married a guest at her own wedding ceremony after her original husband-to-be had a seizure and collapsed.

Jugal Kishore, 25, was just about to garland his bride Indira, 23, when things went awry and he slumped to the ground in front of guests at the wedding at Rampur, in northern India.

Kishore is epileptic and had not told his bride or her family, The Times of India reports.

That was enough to make her change her mind.

But the furious bride was not going to let the day go to waste and asked her sister’s brother-in-law to marry her instead.

Dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, Harpal Singh originally stumbled at the proposition, but happily stepped up to the plate.

This time the ceremony went smoothly.

Once Kishore had regained consciousness and left hospital, he arrived back at the venue to find Indira married to someone else and pleaded with her to change her mind.

But the young woman stood firm and despite initial complaints to police, they have now been withdrawn and police say the families have resolved the matter.

News break – February 19