Brave tradie restrains driver after dramatic red-light collision

Police have since confirmed a 26-year-old was charged after the dashcam footage emerged.

A Mazda and Toyota Yaris collide after the Yaris was hit by another Mazda which drove through a red light in Brisbane.
Queensland Police confirmed that a 26-year-old man has since been charged with dangerous driving. Source: Facebook

Dramatic dashcam footage has captured the moment a Mazda allegedly drove straight through a red light at a busy intersection, slamming at speed into oncoming traffic and badly damaging several vehicles.

The shocking footage, captured on Monday at the intersection of Hellawell and Beaudesert roads between Acacia Ridge and Sunnybank Hills in Brisbane's south, shows a tradie "crash-tackle" the driver to prevent him from fleeing the scene on foot, as stunned onlookers watched on. Meanwhile, several other tradies rush to help the victims in other vehicles.

Footage of the incident was uploaded online on Wednesday and attracted an onslaught of responses from people who were shocked by the collision, which they said "could easily have been a fatal".

In the video, the Mazda appears from out of view on the left-hand side of the screen. It's seen travelling at speed through the red light, smashing into the front of a white Toyota hatchback, which does a 360-degree spin after the collision.

It then hits a red Mazda SUV in the next lane before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. The entire ordeal took place with the traffic light from where the car came from still showing red.

Inset shows a tradie approach the driver, while the main picture shows the aftermath of the three-car collision in Queensland.Source: Facebook
After the crash a tradie quickly ran across the road in an apparent bid to prevent the driver from fleeing the scene. Source: Facebook

Queensland Police later confirmed a 26-year-old Carseldine man had been charged in relation to the accident. "It will be alleged at approximately 9.45am a blue Mazda 3 was travelling south on Beaudesert Road when it failed to stop at a red light near Hellawell Road," a spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia.

"It will be further alleged the car then stuck two other vehicles, a Mazda CX30 and a Toyota Yaris. The driver of the Mazda 3 was taken into police custody at the scene."

The man was given a notice to appear to face charges of dangerous operation of a vehicle and driving under the influence. He is due to appear at Richlands Magistrates Court on August 6.

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