Boy left in hot van honked horn until he was rescued

Four women have been charged after a distressed four-year-old boy was left in a hot van at a child care centre, and honked the horn until he was rescued.

A woman reported hearing a horn repeatedly, then found the boy inside the vehicle with the windows rolled up and his shirt and shoes removed.

She initially assumed the noise was a van driver trying to get attention at the day care centre to open the door, but when the honking persisted she went to take a look, WSB-TV Atlanta reported.

Vehicle driver Pamela Bryant, and Ashley Jordan are two of the four women charged after a distressed four-year-old boy was left in a hot van at a child care centre. Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

The woman told police she found the child “crying, shaking and holding his shoes,” according to the report.

She pulled the child out of the vehicle and took him to the Evelyn Redmond Christian Academy, in southwest Atlanta, US.

“I asked to speak to the Director and no one came,” the woman told police.

Starshemoha Baty and Shanan Shealey were charged with cruelty to children. Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

The responding officer said the boy was left in the van for at 35 to 45 minutes on July 2 – in the middle of the US summer.

The day care staff reportedly did not seek medical care for the boy once he was returned, so the officer called a local hospital to treat the boy.

Police arrested the van driver, identified as Pamela Bryant, that afternoon and charged her with reckless conduct.

Three other women Starshemoha Baty, Ashley Jordan, and Shanan Shealey, have since been arrested and charged with cruelty to children, according to WSB-TV.