Boy, 13, dies after fellow student 'put cheese down his shirt'

A schoolboy died after suffering an allergic reaction when someone allegedly chased him with cheese before throwing it over him, an inquest has heard.

Karanbir Cheema, 13, was rushed to hospital on June 28 last year after suffering a cardiac arrest at William Perkin Church of England High School near London, The Independent reported.

The schoolboy allegedly had cheese thrown over him at William Perkin Church of England High School near London. Source: Google Maps

Emergency services found the boy was in a state of anaphylactic shock at the school and died 10 days later, St Pancras Coroner’s Court heard.

Kieran Oppatt, the first paramedic on the scene, said a member of staff told him someone may have chased the teenager with the cheese before throwing it down his shirt.

Mr Oppatt said he was struggling for air and appeared to be showing signs of an allergic reaction.

“His skin was red and there appeared to be hives,” he said.

The 13-year-old had severe allergies to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs and all nuts.

Mr Oppatt and his colleague performed CPR on Karanbir before giving him adrenaline.

Karanbir Cheema was allegedly chased with the cheese before it was thrown down his shirt. Source: Getty, file.

While waiting for further medics to arrive, they also used defibrillators in a bid to save him.

He was rushed to hospital but died over a week later on July 9.

His mother said his death was even the more devastating due to her son’s strenuous efforts to control his allergies.

“He was extremely bright. He knew very well how to manage his condition. I brought him up by myself. I trained him to read all about his condition. We want answers,” she said.

Another 13-year-old boy was arrested at the time but was released by police without charge.

Detective Sergeant Christian Rodgers said the alleged incident was “pupil on pupil”.

The inquest continues.