'Goofy' dog with the 'longest nose' earns cult following on Instagram

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

There’s nothing discreet about Eris the Russian Wolfhound – especially when it comes to her exceptionally-sized snout.

The one year old, from Washington DC in the United States, lives with her owners, Lily and Savannah.

Described as “the cutest thing in the world” by the pair, the elongated nose of “Madam Eris Overbite” has shot her to social media stardom, having accumulated more than 140,000 Instagram followers in just over a year.

Eris the Russian Wolfhound is often caught in these hilarious poses. Source: Instagram/eriszoi

“We think her nose is about the cutest thing in the world, though we’re still not 100 per cent sure if there’s a record about longest nose documented,” Lily told Yahoo News Australia.

It was the quirky nature of the breed that first ignited a desire for Lily and Savannah to purchase a Borzoi, and the “Queen of Silly” hasn’t gone a day without cracking them up since coming home.

Her “otherworldly look and the sweet, loving but aloof personality” seems to have resonated with her many fans on social media, who rush to share their adoration on each new photo and video upload.

“I’m going through a rough patch and I look forward to your posts every day,” one of her admirers shared in a comment.

The pooch is also known as Madam Eris Overbite. Source: Instagram/eriszoi

Overbite part of her quirkiness

Lily said Eris was an “infectious goofy ball of joy and energy”, whose expressions were made even more adorable by her remarkable overbite.

“You cannot help but to smile and laugh when she starts lazily bounding around the room or garden, and I’ve hardly ever laughed as hard as when we play tag outside,” she said.

“She’ll take turns with chase and be chased and I don’t stand the faintest hope in the world of winning that game, even when she slows down for me.”

Eris is widely loved due to her elongated body and exceptional nose. Source: Instagram/eriszoi

Like most dogs, Lily said Eris had come to be an “unrelenting force of positivity” in their lives, which is no surprise based on the hilarious videos and photos shared to her social media.

“We never expected our community on Instagram to get as large as it was. We started the account to be a scrapbook with one picture a day that made us smile.

“She’s always happy to see us, or to see the world, to see a squirrel run across a branch, that sort of thing. She’s just always so happy.”

She is no stranger to posing for a photo or two for her Instagram account. Source: Instagram/eriszoi

Lily said one of Eris’ particularly admirable quirks is when she scrunches her nose off to the side while enjoying a treat - one of many hilarious expressions evident on her page.

“I’m really happy that so many people have been able to share some of the laughs and smiles she brings us, and we always talk to everybody who messages us – there are so many amazing people in this community and we’re so incredibly thankful to have met so many new friends,” she said.

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