Bodybuilder calls woman out for attempting to shame man’s gym workout routine

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A woman who mocked a fellow gym enthusiast’s workout routine has herself been called out by a bodybuilder, in a now-viral TikTok video.

The bodybuilder in question, a physical trainer by the name of ‘Joey Swoll’, was responding to a clip where a woman calls out the lifting technique of a man in the background of one of her videos.

He can be seen using dumbbells in front of the mirror, although a TikTok user by the name of @Nikki_fitness seemingly isn't aware of the movement’s benefits.

In her original video, she points at the man and says: “What do you think he’s doing? What do you think he’s working? I don’t know either.”

To this, Joey has an emphatic answer, which he delivers in a disarmingly calm matter.

The bodybuilder explained: “What he’s working is biceps. He’s doing what’s called a drag curl. Now, granted, most people do them with a barbell – he’s doing them with dumbells so it may look a little strange, a little awkward.”


Let me help you out pumpkin! A little MYOB never hurt nobody! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Joey went on to explain how the movement works the biceps, while adding that fellow trainer, Charles Glass, (who he claims is “one the best there is”) is also a big proponent of the unorthodox lift.

However, it simply wouldn't be a viral TikTok video if it didn't feature a sassy put-down at the end.

“What’s most important, what he’s doing and working most of all is minding his own business,” Joey concludes.

“The fact that people at the gym take videos of other people to try and make fun of them blows my mind. Be better than that.”

Video-sharing platform TikTok, which grew to become the most downloaded app in America last year, is now flooded with similar viral gym moments.

Earlier this week, for instance, a woman became a huge talking point online after she thanked a man for not staring at her while she did a squat workout right in front of him.

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