Baffling find in woman’s shower head: ‘Some sort of creature’

An Aussie homeowner took to social media to share her baffling bathroom find, leaving people stumped by the strange discovery.

Posting photos on Facebook the woman was desperate to find out what was poking through the holes of her shower head, leaving many convinced it was "some sort of creature".

"Does anyone know what this is?" she asked members of the group, which is dedicated to cleaning and organising.

metal shavings shower head
The woman was baffled after spotting 'spikes' coming out of her shower head. Source: Facebook

The woman said she'd been using tweezers to poke and prod her shower head with hopes to remove it.

Concerned group members instantly feared it was "cockroach legs" or even a spider ready to "pop out and crawl on me while showering", 7 News reported.

While the sight was foreign to some, others recalled a time when they'd first spotted it in their own shower and the memory left one "mortified."

"I just remember seeing this as a kid and being absolutely mortified thinking there were little creatures with tiny little legs sticking out of our showerhead," one person wrote.

However, some were quick to put their fears at ease with a very simple explanation.

Metal shavings shower head left behind from reseating the taps.
The 'spikes are metal shavings left behind from reseating the taps. Source: Facebook

According to 7 News, the "spikes" are metal shavings left behind from reseating the taps.

Grinding is often required to create a smooth flat surface to seal properly for the washer, but the shavings are often removed.

"My partner is a plumber and knew straight away," said one.

"Did you have your washers serviced lately? Plumber probably shaved the pipe for a better seal," said another

Woman calls police after bizarre find in her car's exhaust pipe

It comes as police were called to a woman's home after she claimed to find what looked like human hair stuffed inside the exhaust pipe of her car.

Deborah Lieber, from Wisconsin in the US, was concerned after noticing "black, brunette, blonde and grey" strands of hair hanging from her car on the weekend, and she couldn't tell if it was from a "human, animal, beast or a bunch of dolls".

Ms Lieber shared the ordeal on Facebook along with pictures of what she'd found and claimed there was enough to "fill a garbage bag".

See the photos and the explanation behind the 'hair' here.

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