Avocado storage hack causing waves online: 'Game changer!'

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There's nothing worse than finally getting your avocado to the perfect ripeness and then having to throw half of it away because it turned brown before you even had a chance to use it.

Avocado on pink and green background
A hack to stop avocados going brown is going viral on Instagram with some saying it's blown their minds, while others call it a 'game changer'. Photo: Getty

We've all heard a few hacks to keeping our avocados fresh - use lemon juice, some Cling Wrap and of course the trusty avocado saver gadgets.

But a new method is blowing people's minds after being shared on social media by the Whole30's Instagram account.

The program shared their "genius avocado hack", which is actually surprisingly simple.


"We were today-years-old when we learned about this brilliant kitchen hack: store your cut avocado in cold water and it will stay fresher, longer, and keep it from turning brown," they wrote, along with a mind-blown emoji.

"We're a bit embarrassed to admit the number of avocados we've had to toss over the years, and we all know that avocados are gold - especially while on a Whole30. Are we the only ones just learning about this incredible tip?"

"Genius!" one user agreed.

"As a major avocado lover, I will def be using this hack!" another wrote.

Avocado in water
Apparently, storing your avocado in water will help it stay greener for longer. Photo: Instagram/Whole30

"This is still blowing me awayyyyy," a third added.

"My mind is blown. Have to give it a go," someone else said.

"What?! How am I just learning this?!" another said.

"Game changer!" one person added.

However, one user added a tip, "I’ve found that any longer than ~24 hours, the texture starts to change and get soggy."

Other tips include simply wrapping in cling wrap, or adding lemon juice and then wrapping in cling wrap, and brushing with olive oil and then using cling wrap.

However, according to the US Today Show, the best method is to place the avocado in a plastic container with a cut onion - who knew? Apparently, the sulphur, which is found in onions, helps to preserve fruits.

"By far, the best of all methods, the avocado was nearly as green as when it was cut," they wrote.

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