Instagram model reveals popular Bali club's coronavirus check

A favourite holiday spot for Australians appears to have ramped up efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

A club popular among Instagram influencers on the Indonesian island of Bali has reportedly started scanning the temperature of patrons on their arrival.

Health blogger Steph Pacca filmed fellow influencer Tahlia Skaines and her boyfriend, Mitch Third, when they arrived at Cafe del Mar on Monday, and shared the video with her 930,000 followers on Instagram.

The group appeared to appreciate the precautionary measure, with Ms Skaines also sharing the video to her Instagram and praising Bali venues for the additional care they were taking.

“Coronavirus checks in most venues in Bali. Well done for taking precautions,” she typed across the clip.

Tahlia Skaines, pictured in a bikini, at Bali beach club Cafe Del Mar, where she had her temperature checked.
Tahlia Skaines (in bikini) after having her temperature checked at Cafe Del Mar. Source: Instagram/steph_paccaa

Another Bali beach club popular with Australian tourists, Finns Beach Club, has reportedly experienced a drop in business so significant it was offering half-price day beds to encourage people to visit.

A holidaymaker wrote on a Bali Facebook page a lunch spot frequented by tourists was one of several places where their health had been checked.

“We got thermo scanned at (the) airport where you have to fill out a health form. Our hotel was checking people’s temps and made us fill out health forms too,” she said.

The woman added that when visiting Fat Bowl for lunch, her group had to have their temperatures checked before they were allowed inside.

“Masks and hand sanitiser are everywhere,” she said.

A group of Instagram influencers appearing to have their temperatures checked at Cafe Del Mar beach club in Bali amid coronavirus fears.
The group didn't seem to mind being checked before entering the club. Source: Instagram/steph_paccaa

Despite this, many others have reported business as usual in Bali and nothing more than a temperature check at the airport when they first arrived.

“I’m here now, didn’t get scanned at the airport (or) hotel, and certainly not at Fat Bowl,” one person wrote in a comment on the woman’s post.

“I haven’t been scanned or temperature checked, and I’ve been here for a week,” another said.

Someone else said they had stayed at three different hotels and there was “nothing to see” other than it being the holiday island’s typical low season.

Another said they returned to Australia from Bali a week ago and had experienced nothing unusual during their trip.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Sunday updated its advice for Australians travelling to Bali, advising people to “exercise a high degree of caution”.

It is understood the Indonesian Government has confirmed 19 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, the advice stated.

“There is limited availability of testing and infection control facilities and the risk of transmission of the virus is increasing. Critical care for managing Australians who become seriously ill, including in Bali, is likely to be significantly below the standards available in Australia,” the government said.

“Authorities have imposed temporary restrictions on entry from China and parts of Italy, Iran and South Korea due to COVID-19.”

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