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Aussie woman flies epic supermarket haul home from Bali

Australians who are travelling to destinations like Bali are filling their luggage with low-priced groceries and essentials to save money on their supermarket bills.

One savvy woman, Sam Moore, revealed that she brought back an epic 60-plus item haul from Bali, which included pantry essentials, cleaning products, stationery and snacks.

"Finally unpacked. Here's MY must-haves to bring back," wrote Ms Moore in a popular Facebook group.

Aussie woman's grocery haul from Bali supermarket
Aussies who visit Bali are sharing their secret to saving money on supermarket essentials amid the cost of living crisis. Source: Facebook

The returned traveller shared a photo of the mammoth haul, which contained packets of biscuits, chocolate, pineapple jam, cereal, mouth wash, pens, pencils, nasal spray and several packs of pesticide.

Bali supermarket prices key to big savings

While the impressive supermarket load was enough to make anyone's jaw drop, Ms Moore assured Yahoo News Australia this was one of her smaller hauls after a trip to Bali.

"It was barely the haul I usually bring back," she laughed.

She explained that between herself and her husband, the pair usually brings 90kg worth of food and essentials back to Australia from Bali, which is split between two suitcases and two carry-on bags.

Ms Moore admitted that while she often buys specific items she likes from Bali, like pineapple jam, she also saves money by opting to buy staples such as spices, hair products and mosquito coils overseas.

Australian overseas travellers waiting for bags
Australian travellers are taking to filling their luggage with low-priced groceries and essentials to save money on supermarket bills. Source: Getty

Unsurprisingly, fellow Aussies on Facebook were impressed with Ms Moore's haul.

"Love it. I love overseas supermarkets and always bring half a suitcase of things home," wrote one shopper.

"From one serial shopper to another - that's a damn good haul! I love shopping at supermarkets in other countries," wrote a second.

Aussies take advantage of customs loophole

While some travellers wondered how Ms Moore managed to get all of the food items through Australia's customs, which are renowned for their strict biosecurity measures.

However, Ms Moore explained she'd never had any problems bringing food and essentials through customs.

"I've never had anything taken off me," she said.

Australia customs sign at airport
Travellers wondered how the woman got all of her groceries through Australian customs. Source: Getty

A fellow Aussie pointed out that there was nothing in Ms Moore's haul that was "not allowed" by Australian customs.

"Nothing in there that is not allowed through customs. As long as you declare you have food, commercially packaged things like that are fine," the person said.

What food items are allowed into Australia?

According to the Australian Border Force, packaged items for personal consumption are allowed into the country, such as biscuits, chocolate, confectionery and pastries.

Likewise, dairy products, dried herbs, drinks, nuts, sauces, tea, vitamins, juice and soft drink are permitted, but must be declared on arrival.

Food from the plane or ship is not permitted into the country, which one Aussie woman learned the hard way after copping a $2,664 fine for bringing Macca's McMuffins, hot cakes and a ham and cheese croissant into Darwin airport from Bali.

The not-so-happy meal was deemed a "significant biosecurity breach" and was labelled the "most expensive meal this passenger ever had" by Agriculture Minister Murray Watt.

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