Aussie schoolgirl's cheeky response to mum's 'healthy' lunchbox

The girl's mum took action when her daughter stopped eating the healthy items in her lunchbox.

A gobsmacked mum has shared the cheeky move by her daughter who was disappointed by the lunch she was given for school.

The woman, believed to be from Melbourne, said her primary school-aged daughter refused to eat the healthy items she included each day, so decided to forgo the special lunchbox treats until she learned her lesson.

In a post on Facebook, the amused mum shared a photo of the packed lunch she'd prepared, including a full banana, cut-up kiwi fruit, a sandwich and some pretzels — but an extra detail had been added.

"This week after seeing yet another lunch box come home with all the healthy stuff untouched, I made good on my threat to only pack healthy stuff and no treats unless the healthy stuff was eaten," the woman explained. "This is the feedback my darling daughter provided".

Hand-written on a post-it note resting on the sandwich was a brutal message. "This food sucks," it read. The schoolgirl, believed to be about nine years old, was not impressed by her mum's attempt at introducing healthy food.

School lunchbox note.
The schoolgirl left a cheeky note in her lunchbox for her mum. Source: Facebook

Internet reacts to lunchbox 'fail'

The mum put it down to a "parenting fail" and laughed off her daughter's act. Others agreed the note was "hilarious".

"If the lunch you make her 'sucks' then she can make her own from now on," one person said, not so forgiving.

"If she can write, she can make her own like most of us did as a kid. None of this fancy lunchbox thing," wrote another.

Others expressed empathy for the mum and said their own children are the same. One person said the "banana is manky, and the kiwi needs peeling" adding they "can't blame the kid".

"So many kids would die to eat this as they have nothing to eat," another pointed out. "It is happening not only overseas but also in Australia. Kids need to learn the value of food."

What is considered a healthy lunchbox?

School lunchboxes, and what goes in them, have long been up for debate with about 90 per cent of Australian children bringing their own food to school, according to Rebecca Golley, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University. Writing for The Conversation, she said more than one-third of the food students eat at school is unhealthy (such as sweet and savoury biscuits, sugary muesli bars and chips), with most lunchboxes not having any vegetables.

Schoolgirls walking with backpacks
School luncboxes should contain a range of foods from the five main food groups. Source: Getty.

According to Victoria's Healthy Eating Advisory Service, school lunchboxes should contain a range of foods from the five main food groups. These include fruits, vegetables and legumes/beans, dairy and alternatives, lean meats and protein including poultry fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and also grain/cereal foods.

Better Health Victoria recommends involving children in their own lunch preparation and discussing healthy choices with them.

"Involving children in planning and preparing their own lunchboxes gives them the opportunity to learn about healthy eating, and also gives them a chance to make autonomous decisions about what they will be eating during the day," the website reads.

The foods to avoid include sweet drinks, dried fruit bars and ‘straps’, dairy desserts, chocolate bars and muesli bars, which are often too high in sugar. Fatty, salty processed meats such as salami and Strasburg should also be avoided, they said, and 'oven-baked' savoury biscuits which could be too high in fat.

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