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Aussie restaurant owner defends 'tasteless' OnlyFans ad after backlash

The erotic social media clips to promote the Adelaide restaurant left people gobsmacked.

An Adelaide restaurant has come under fire for its use of OnlyFans performers to create erotic social media content to promote its Mexican food.

Beefy Birrias, who claim to have the best tacos in the city, this month engaged OnlyFans creator Millyonaire and adult entertainer Sanchez Rodreguez for a series of eye-popping videos and photos on Instagram and Facebook to promote Taco Tuesdays and other events at the Grange restaurant.

And while the raunchy posts, which push the limits of Meta's guidelines on nudity and sexual activity, have appealed to some customers, they have put many others right off.

OnlyFans creator Millyonaire and adult entertainer Sanchez Rodreguez engage in erotic taco eating, and (right) more erotic food exchanges between the pair.
OnlyFans creator Millyonaire and adult entertainer Sanchez Rodreguez engage in erotic taco eating to promote Beefy Birrias Mexican restaurant in Adelaide.

"I hope your Birria tacos aren’t this tasteless," came one response to a video of Mr Rodreguez eating his meal off Millyonaire's chest. "I'm no prude but the last lot of advertisements have been pretty off-putting," said another.

"This had got to be weirdest way to destroy your own business that I've ever seen," someone else commented.

Others questioned whether the posts were real or if the account had been hacked. Millyonaire herself responded to some of the negative comments asking people to see the humour in the posts.

Beefy Birrias owner brushes off complaints

The restaurant has launched several offbeat events to promote its menu, including in June when customers were invited to get a tattoo while devouring some tacos.

Beefy Birrias owner Jamie Wimmer has brushed off the many complaints he has received over the erotic social media campaign involving Millyonaire and Rodreguez.

Front of Beefy Birrias restaurant.
Beefy Birrias owner Jamie Wimmer says he just brushes off any negative complaints. Source: Instagram

"We've received a lot of emails – if you have time to write an email you have time to read a book … but I just brush it off," he told The Adelaide Advertiser. "Everyone's watched porn before and if you haven't then you deserve to go to heaven and be with Jesus Christ."

Mr Wimmer said he wanted to make an edgy campaign and was inspired by his sex worker friends. He is now considering moving his business to Melbourne in response to the negative feedback.

"I want to keep pushing the boundaries," he told The Advertiser. "Adelaide is the only nanna place where sex work is pretty much illegal."

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