OnlyFans model divides Aussie city with racy billboard

Many locals have branded the billboard inappropriate, yet the age-old marketing approach of 'sex sells' has proven effective for the OnlyFans model.

A large billboard promoting sexually explicit content is stopping traffic in Perth this week, but is the advertisement wildly inappropriate or a genius marketing move?

OnlyFans model Savannah, known professionally as West Coast Savage, paid for the advertisement at Osborne Park in the city's inner northwest and has copped criticism for drawing attention to her content in such a public manner.

Content creator WC Savage can be seen on the righthand side of the billboard, wearing a bikini, with the QR code to her OnlyFans and instagram accounts are on the left.
OnlyFans content creator WC Savage has paid to advertise her account on a billboard in Perth. Source: Nic Ellis/The West Australian via PerthNow

The billboard in question shows the model posing in a bikini, accompanied by a QR code directing viewers to her OnlyFans and Instagram account.

Despite the use of sexual imagery going hand in hand with marketing campaigns for decades, the advertisement has left some residents reeling, with many branding it inappropriate, local publications report. Critics say it makes sexual content too easily accessible for impressionable adolescents.

OnlyFans model defends billboard

Speaking to Perth-based radio station 6PR on Monday, Savannah defended the advertisement and described the criticism as "far-fetched". "Young children will see that billboard and see a picture of a woman in a bikini, and won't know any better," she said on-air, before sharing her belief that parents are responsible for safeguarding their teenagers against content they don't want them to access.

"It's really the parents' job to monitor what they're look at online."

Left, Savannah can be seen taking a mirror picture of herself wearing a black bra and underwear, while on the right is a close up glamour shot of Savannah sporting a smokey eye.
Savannah responded to the criticism on Perth-based radio station 6PR. Source: Twitter/w.c.savage

She continued by explaining that OnlyFans has multiple "layers of protection" to stop underage individuals from accessing the website — such as members needing to provide identification and a bank card — and firmly stands by her decision to promote her business in this way.

"I have the freedom of speech and of my own body to do what I do and to put up this billboard, and people have the freedom to then turn around and say, 'well, I find that offensive'."

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