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Aussie diner shocked by restaurant's 'insane' $15 entree

Some people were quick to defend the restaurant, telling the customer to 'cook their own food'.

A diner’s shock over an Aussie restaurant’s “overpriced” entree has sparked a bitter debate, with a surprising amount of people jumping to the business’s defence, telling the customer to “cook their own f**king food”.

A screenshot of the menu item — corn ribs served with “burnt butter and ancho chilli salt” — taken from what appears to be the me&u app many restaurants and pubs use for table service lists the price as $15.

A photo of the disputed dish shows four “slivers” of charred corn neatly stacked on a blue plate and topped with a green garnish. “40 cents worth of corn in Australia,” the diner complained.

The restaurant's corn ribs showing four corn slivers on blue plate.
The restaurant's $15 corn ribs are served with burnt butter and ancho chilli salt. Source: Reddit

'You'd have to be insane'

While the customer may just be one of many battling the cost-of-living crisis, others agreed they had every right to be stunned by the price. “You’d have to be insane to think this is okay. $15 for a slither of corn lmao,” one person commented on the Reddit post.

“I certainly wouldn’t be buying it,” another said, while a third joked: “Corn ribs indeed”.

Aussies defend restaurant

However, several others were quick to defend the restaurant’s menu price.

“Almost like you’re paying for the time for someone to cook it, all the kitchen equipment, rent on the place, profit and covering the fee that Uber eats charges to the restaurant,” one Reddit user said, to which the customer replied they were dining in at the time.

“$15 is over the top but staff need to be paid, rent needs to be paid, power needs to be paid etc,” another person argued. “You don’t do that by having super cheap options on the menu chosen by people occupying valuable table space.”

A few annoyed others told the customer to cook their own food instead of complaining.

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